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Desire reflections about desire

Desire reflections about desire the words from your desire


Desire reflections about desire : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the new year is beginning, we are still united in this present time, I am here speaking with you, listening, trying to grab for you the meaning of the message, to make your life an experience of real growth; today, like with every intervention from me, I come to you to stimulate a moment of reflection and today we shall talk about desire.


All of you have dreams, and at any given moment, in the meantime, you have necessities, needs, which you try to satisfy, either by yourselves or with the help of other brothers.


Today, if you look at earth, you will notice a common attitude: the words “I like it” which must become “It’s mine” may times, despite the lack of the means to afford it; the coat I wear, the jewel, the shape of the shoe, that accessory, they represent for me a status symbol, because it’s my desire to be admired, and maybe a little envied too; this is my desire: not the object, but the emotion that I want to project in the emotions of others.


How sad are the existences of those who seek from others emotions such as envy and competition, nothing is more necessary for the Being than being Natural, and living a lie is a source of sadness, not of good taste, but of sadness.


As we proceed through life’s events, we can meet difficulties in realizing our dreams, our desires, there can be various difficulties, sometimes the satisfaction is postponed, sometimes the satisfaction will never materialize, and that’s when brothers and sisters will feel envy toward others, and here they come, walking down the road where success is like a beautifully scented flower which “must be picked at all costs”, but for the Natural Being, being in endless conflict with others is a source of malaise that slowly but steadily affects their entire Being.


Being Natural, as you notice, needs harmony, harmony with others, being a brother among brothers, being a unity with the other, being the other, to understand their emotions and to help them, the Natural Being accepts itself even within his own limitations, and its own necessities, but always making their heart their own most precious part; this is the Natural Being, a brother, a sister, who has the knowledge that the Being is first and foremost a heart, and then is the world.


Today, as you listen to me, I invite you to do this: to Be Natural


Sometimes your stories may become surprises to you, when you abandon your desire for the many things that are just joy for a brief moment, but if you turn to your heart and to your Natural Being, to live in the contact with the other, the immensity of emotions that are inside you, and joy and satisfaction, will slowly become the constant state of your Being.


The Natural Being learns from living, grows while living, it expands with living, it affirms itself in the contact with life.


To all of you my embrace


Your brother Jesus Christ


Desire reflections about desire the words from your desire Messages from Jesus Christ 0th January 2014




Desire reflections about desire the words from your desire


Desire reflections about desire


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