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When the desire in life is strong

When the desire in life is strong ask yourselves if an object is necessary


When the desire in life is strong


My dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, the reflection continues on, today once again I would like to talk to you about desire, with a few examples.


Human desire does not reside in the heart, it’s just an illusion to believe that an object can fill a heart with joy, with feelings, through its possession; perhaps once upon a time, when you received a gift the emotion was strong, you were small children, and with a toy, a present, a much awaited present, the emotion was actually in the possession of it; it’s like Being through possessing. This is the reason why I affirm that the human desire does not reside inside the heart, but it’s a mental fabrication.


Today it’s you, tomorrow you will be the same you, there is no material thing that can make you different from what you are.


With respect to when you were children, you have gained a lot of experience, you opened up to the contact with others, you have lived many emotions, you have loved and received Love, and this has built you in your life. You are in the heart what you are now in your life. Nothing, no presents, no gadgets, nothing belonging to the material world has the power to make you different from what you are. I am what I am, nothing more and nothing less than what I am bringing with me, my Being.


When you ask yourselves if an object is necessary, you are questioning yourselves.


When is a good necessary? When the quality of your life and that of those people you love will have an improvement from it, a better possibility, an increased serenity, this is a movement of the heart, and this is what can make your heart happy; this is the emotion, the owner of the choice.


Today, while I am observing you, I notice that often you are not the owners of your choices, instead it’s your pride, your envy, your accumulation, your desire to be different, to be better than others, even be the boss of others, and this places darkness in your heart.


What is necessary? As you question yourselves, you understand how important a part your affection plays in your choices.


Love is the source of happiness, the more your reflections place Love to determine your own choices, the more happiness your heart will feel.


One more instant, perhaps you think that a pretty gadget may “conquer”, but in reality, your affections’ need is to be loved exactly as it is.


And I hug you with warmth.


Your brother Jesus Christ


When the desire in life is strong ask yourselves if an object is necessary Messages 09th January 2014




When the desire in life is strong ask yourselves if an object is necessary


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