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Without Love existence is a jail

Without Love existence is a jail humanity is part of me


Without Love existence is a jail : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I come among you, always, with all of my Love, I come to remind you that on this earth it is truly a priority to understand that other people are our brothers, united to us, chained to us, and while we cross looks with them while they are in our paths, there is a thread that unites us, a thread of Love that runs through humanity, a thread that unites your hands, eyes that look at each others, mouths that say words, all hearts that move on earth, this is priority, understanding that there is nobody separated from us, that we are the unity.


When I speak to a brother, a wave starts and expands out through that thread of Love that unites all of us in the Unity, it’s a wave that extends out from us, each one of us has a great responsibility towards our brothers, a big responsibility if what we are transmitting from our heart.


Often brothers on earth feel like a unit, they perceive their actions limited to the few brothers that they meet, those with whom they get into contact, they feel like a microcosm, a body, a limited entity,  a thought, an experience that has no contact with others, but this is only a limited view of what you are in reality, you are all connected and the movement of one part is movement of all.


Understanding reality means opening up to change, when I think of a brother from the heart, my wave will be charged with Love, when I express myself thinking of what I am transmitting to my brothers, my expression will be a wave full of Love, it’s hard to close my eyes in front of problems that involve other brothers, and my look will emanate a wave of Love, whenever I often truly have other people in my heart, if not always, Love will be going toward those brothers.


When I gather humanity in my feelings, my heart is deployed on the field, here comes the freedom to Be, here comes the heart affirming itself in its existence, here comes the heart affirming itself as it exists.


The humanity of which I am part is part of me, the care, the attention, the great responsibility, because through me, through what my heart is transmitting, I am taking care of this humanity which is part of me.


There are no more jails, there are no more cages, for a heart that welcomes humanity inside itself it will be like a part of itself to tend to, to love, to protect, to take care of, to make stronger with Love.


My heart is part of this very same humanity, and I have carried you always from my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ, a heart in the Love.


Without Love existence is a jail humanity is part of me Messages from Jesus 16th January 2014




Without Love existence is a jail humanity is part of me


Without Love existence is a jail


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