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The impression in front of death

The impression in front of death messages


The impression in front of death : the impression, death and I, who am I? where is the person who used to own that body? you are riddled with many questions whenever you are in contact with death in front of your eyes; the closeness gives you many emotions, about what the past has been; about what happens, about how situations will change following this passage.


In front of your eyes there is a still body, and a desire for movement “Move your eyes, listen to me, move your arms!” and the awaiting, and yet in front of your eyes there is no movement at all. Death in what I see. One cries, the pain paralyzes the emotion, there is only your deep pain. “Chin up” says someone, while inside your heart night has fallen. And then there is the funeral, the resting body is buried, the pain starts again, the absence. “He is no longer with me”.


You see, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the heart of your life companions when faced with death, the pain felt by your loved ones, the same pain in other emotions, in the friendships, is pain for a heart that has loved.


When in a newspaper, or on television, they show you a picture of a homicide, of a violent death, what you do not think of is the hearts that are crying; when it’s a war, you still do not think of the hearts that cry, when it’s a death penalty, once again you will neglect those hearts that are crying; right inside you, you will neglect the multitude of hearts that are crying.


For example, today is the Memorial Day, it’s the story of atrocities, of genocides, of offended humanity, of disaster, of mutual consent, of horror; this humanity remembers but then it has no humanity towards all those wars, all the violence, it turns its face to those horrors and does not see the endless violence.


How can a creature ignore the violence that another being is feeling? Even a homicide between gangs is a horror, because those are hearts that are involved.


You scream No More Violence every time, but you neglect the heart, always seeing hearts around you, violence will not leave humanity; you must not get used to witness horrors, or injustices, or evil for many brothers, do not take for granted the help from other people, you are the humanity, take charge of the pain and tears of your humanity, doing something for others is doing it for yourselves, don’t neglect others, they are hearts from your own same humanity.


Love exists inside you, give it its voice.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The impression in front of death messages from the Sky 27th January 2014




The impression in front of death messages


The impression in front of death


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