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God Father model of Love

God Father model of Love how God looks at us


God Father model of Love : your eyesight, my brothers, the sight of your eyes, it’s still in the shade, your eyes do not know immensity, they are natural eyes that belong to you so that, while on earth, you may see the natural world made of trees, mountains, every element that surrounds you and that speaks to your heart, generating emotions inside you.


This, my brothers, brings you first of all to consider what is inside you: your heart, your emotion.


What the gaze does not see is the emotion, you communicate the feeling, you feel the feeling, but the natural eye can not see it.


Quite different is the reality when you wear the wonderful dress of Being a Spirit, the eyes can see you and see everything around you, in the reality of the emotion, you look at life every second in what is being felt in the emotion, in the happiness of a tree in the sunshine, in the harmony created by flowers that shine in their colors, donating their scent, Love in all its hues, shining from the hearts of every creature, seeing life, everything is expression of life in the emotion.


Your eyes notice the Love of those who are speaking with you, these are so beautiful, they communicate to your how great the Love is that causes your sight, the meeting with you, if I could convey to you how sweet is the heart that approaches you, it needs some advice, a hand from you on earth, and it expresses so much happiness when its eyes pick up on your desire to be of help. What life? The life you are living is all in the feeling, in the expression of the feeling.


And then the Father, among us, aims His gaze at those hearts, what a beautiful scenery, his heart explodes, the Father is emotion, we are perfect to his eyes, he looks at us with intensity and sends a “perfect” from his emotion, to his eyes we do not have shadows for the errors we committed in our previous life, all He feels for us is Love, Love that he is helping send from his perfect children.


As a Father, he often consoles, teaches, reviews with us our dramas and listens, and guides, he takes ownership of all of our pains, of every problem we encountered, of every suffering we inflicted to others, and he does all this with the purpose of helping us free our real nature of a child, made perfect by Love.


What is in front of me, mine, our Father, who is perfect for us, he sees perfection in us, perfection beyond the limits that we still have, this is the Father, our Father God.


Today your eyes have expanded their scope through my eyes, I would like to leave you with these images, to guide you with your today my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, so that there may be next to you the enchantment of what, even while you are on earth, his eyes can express for each one of you.


I leave you these images of Love, may they be for you the guide to the Love that the Father feels for each one of us.


With a sweet emotion


Your brother Jesus Christ


God Father model of Love how God looks at us Messages from Jesus 03rd February 2014




God Father model of Love how God looks at us


God Father model of Love


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