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Forgiveness forgiving oneself and others

Forgiveness forgiving oneself and forgiving others messages


Forgiveness forgiving oneself and others : to the light of the heart I want to talk to you, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, of the necessity for forgiveness, forgiving yourselves, and forgiving others, because beyond the threshold you all have something to forgive yourselves, and forgive others.


What is forgiving? It’s the result of an observation.


When I notice that something that determined great suffering in the hands of a brother was determined by equal suffering, each one of you is able to forgive. When we perceive the suffering, when we perceive the pain that provoked that action, in a greater understanding, we are able to forgive.


Understanding in the greater scope is like placing the heart in the centre of our understanding, and feeling it in its suffering, a suffering that determined suffering to another. When we forgive, we are recognizing the suffering that caused all of that.


When I abuse, I have suffering inside my heart; when I attack to try to impose myself, I have suffering inside the heart; when I turn to institutions and demand intervention, I have suffering in the heart; thousands of examples where I apply force, every time I have suffering inside my heart. And here comes the intervention of understanding, and I gradually abandon force, from that moment on we are just two hearts that are trying to stop the suffering.


I can forgive an endless number of brothers, if I know how much suffering they carry in their heart.


And then there is another point, I can forgive myself if I feel in my suffering inside my heart, which brought me to making mistakes toward others. Every one of your errors which was determined by suffering needs to be forgiven, suffering has caused so many errors, suffering has brought you to place you and your interest on a pedestal, and from there you have erased the value of the other person, as their interests. Do forgive yourselves this too, the whole arrogance determined by suffering. You are human, you do not know the precious interest that over here we feel for one’s wellbeing, for the peace of every creature, you are still resorting to force when suffering inside the heart.


Forgive ignorance, pardon ignorance, forgive every strong voice if it’s the product of suffering, forgive every abuse, every conflict, forgive every sentence if it’s been produced by suffering.


Everything that constitutes a choice, a choice that does not draw origins from suffering, is a responsibility, it’s a much more aware choice, it’s a choice to impose oneself for their own advantage, it’s placing themselves on a pedestal in order to dominate, you do not know who you are, and therefore you are nothing. Allowing your forgiveness to these brothers is not very complicated, if inside you feel that what has been done is the reflection of the non-respect, and the major selfishness  that still exists among you on earth, and the product of the unawareness of your own spiritual being. The example we are reflecting is valid for all brothers, but the goodness of awareness is a journey that you choose to make. Forgiving in this instance is like appealing, giving the possibility to resort to a change, but a confirmation of the responsibility which we have to answer to.


Now, forgiving yourselves from the events and the injustices you caused from your own suffering can bring you freedom, freedom from the suffering you carry inside your hearts, freedom for the heart to be more and more Love, just like the one you carry inside your heart.


An embrace of Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Forgiveness forgiving oneself and forgiving others Messages from Jesus 06th February 2014




Forgiveness forgiving oneself and others


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