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Words that can change bring about change

Words that can change bring about change messages


Words that can change bring about change : looking at earth, there is a shout that elevates so high as to make the entire earth tremble, it’s pain, it’s a shout of pain, words that are cried, I feel so much bitterness in my heart as I look at you, my brothers and my sisters, so much desperation is evident to my eyes, while in the eyes of your brothers it seems an alarm, a danger to dominate, or to repress; in your history dominated by revolutions, from resorting to rifles and weapons, have brought changes inside nations, but if you don’t listen to the voice that is being shouted, it will only be postponing the experience of pain.


Today, as you witness the violence present in many countries, do you feel the urgency of their motivations? Do you feel the great pain that they feel in their hearts? Do you feel how that violence taps from the pain? The cause of the violence in that humanity is injustice.


On the other hand, a silent humanity that listens neutrally, that does not listen to the reasons, that does not bring its voice to those who are governing, is leaving those brothers in the arms of violence.


You see, your words can really bring about change, the risk of this humanity is that of being witnesses of violence, or spectators, and obtaining every change with violence, when words could actually really help.


This humanity needs listening, it needs to welcome the words of discomfort and take ownership of that problem, a problem that is never individual, but of a reality for brothers.


Listening, this is the needs, listening and taking ownership.


Just like you with your own necessities, aren’t’ you really asking for someone to listen and participate, and effort from a brother to go toward the solution? So it is for others.


And just like you are when faced with an injustice, as you dress up with pain, and go seeking a brother that knows how to listen to you and take charge, as if he was the victim of the injustice, so it is for others.


Be a heart when they ask for your help, and seek as a heart when the pain is your own.


Donate your listening and your effort to those who turn to you in the problem, and seek listening and effort when you are the ones in the problem.


This is how this humanity will know the strength of words that will silence arms.


You can do a lot today for your tomorrow


I wrap you in my embrace.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Words that can change bring about change messages 20th February 2014




Words that can change bring about change messages


Words that can change bring about change


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