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Beyond the border when life has ended

Beyond the border when life has ended messages


Beyond the border when life has ended : my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, the moment that all awaits you, and that marks the end of the line for everything you experimented in your life in your bodies, is as if it was a container for everything that the heart has been in the moment of the experience, the heart that started relationships, the heart that loved, the heart that felt things, the heart that took upon itself the pain of others as well as its own, the heart that consumed itself in life, the heart that hoped, the heart that gave itself, the heart that has been in the experience, and now talks about itself.


In that moment, the heart will gain a voice from the experience. In that moment, the Being regains experience of Self.


It’s perhaps the most important moment for the heart, because it looks at itself and reaps the conclusions of all that had been. And in the wave of emotion, it reaches for the border, and it reunites with us.


Now that life has ended, beyond the border the details of those moments can be seen, you will understand the heart when certain things happened, what determined a problem, what determined conflicts, what caused for the expression of your own Love to shut down, everything that was in the past will be relived again, reviewed, understood, analyzed, what’s important for life is to be able to overcome, thanks to understanding, the difficulties that it had encountered, and to be able to proceed with the growing expression of your Self as Love.


Today on earth you are in the experience, which is above all an experience of the heart, your days are experiences for your heart, they are moments that follow one another, were you give voice to your heart, today on earth it’s an experience of your heart in the many events; go ahead and live, remember this experience as a heart, you as a heart in your life.


Appreciate every event, every moment of your life, treasure even every problem you have, every difficulty, every moment, as a heart that is deployed on the field, it’s life, and the answer to your life comes from your heart.


Today from your heart you react to life; instead, my beloved ones, try to look at events and to face them as a way to give voice to your heart, to the Love that is inside you; an event is an occasion to deploy yourselves on the field, with the voice of your heart.


I remain with you, to give strength to your hearts


Your brother Jesus Christ


Beyond the border when life has ended is Message 10th July 2014




Beyond the border when life has ended


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