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Conquering Love during moments of difficulty

Conquering Love during moments of difficulty messages


Conquering Love during moments of difficulty : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, it is a conquest to be here among you today, my hands caressing you, my voice communicating my great Love, I feel much, much peace inside me, and today and forever is my effort for you, to make you able to express yourselves even in the difficult times you are going through among yourselves, while on earth.


So many misunderstandings, so many people opt for the law of the strongest to impose rules on people, on their cultures, on every value of respect, on brotherhood, on coexistence, on legality, on equality, of justice that should be reigning upon you. This is the moment I feel is difficult, because each one of you tends to close down into yourselves, and to look inside yourselves, losing your consideration for others.


In this situation, speaking to you of the need to meet your brothers and sisters with a feeling of peace, with the Love you carry, to meet them with their necessities, to many of you all this feel just like an additional difficulty, however, having in your heart the joy, the hope to resolve things, the Love that heals, the happiness that gives a recaptured smile, all this can be in you, as a result of your tending to your brothers and sisters; being a heart in this humanity is the renewed conquest of the most precious treasure you have: your emotion that involves in the Love.


The result, being a heart among people, is the most important result for you, so many brothers in front of you would like this outcome to their own efforts, today they are all but memories of time passed on earth, but today they would love to be among you and bring with them what they are learning is the actual treasure: the result of the effort of Love toward all.


It’s such a joy for these brothers to listen to what I dictate to you, an important message, so that joy may accompany you in the time lived, as well as in the time spent next to your brothers among us.


May my words be the light that guides you in moments of difficulty, reconquered love, a precious treasure.


I embrace with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Conquering Love during moments of difficulty is the Message 03rd November 2014




Conquering Love during moments of difficulty


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