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Possible solutions to world’s problems

Possible solutions to world’s problems messages


Possible solutions to world’s problems : with my heart I look at these current times, so much pain is spread all over earth through incomprehension, violence, abuse, this is the darkest moment for those Souls who feel surrounded by everything that is non-Love in their brothers; while the Soul suffers, surrounded by pain, unable to understand the reasons behind the violence, it beckons us, asks for help, asks for hope for a desperate heart, hope in the future, hope.


And when those eyes look around, it only takes a moment, they see humanity bowing to problems, bending over with difficulties, embracing any solution possible just to get out from its problems and this, my beloved ones, is the solution that dominates your world.


You see, in the world there are possible solutions, your humanity’s many problems have possible and radical solutions if, when Love is consulted, it places itself in the place of brothers; how could my life possibly be freedom if I control other people’s freedom? How could my life possibly be satisfaction if I impose methods and rhythms that are barely human? How could my life be happy if I want to impose myself on the well-being of others? How can I not bend when faced with problems if I do not have eyes and Love for others?


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this is the situation that places life in front of your eyes: a brother represents you, in difficulties, in necessities, in needs, in affection.


Your needs place a seed into the earth, you need to water it, look after it, and love it, and this is how it will become a plant that is able to fend for itself, because that is the solution.


And even your brother Jesus, dictating words, squeezes your hands with Love, to be with you, and to be united in the problems of the world.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Possible solutions to world’s problems is the Message dictated 13th October 2015




Possible solutions to world’s problems


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