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Life is an experience factory

Life is an experience factory messages


Life is an experience factory : my dear ones, always near me, my eyes seek your eyes, my emotions from my heart are seeking you, for you, in every situation that crosses your life, I would like for the Love that I feel to be a presence for you, the need of my heart is to be together, together facing the heat, the rain, the light and the moments of darkness, mountains and plains, every situation, the fair and the unfair for you and your brothers, freedom and absence of freedom for you and your brothers, you know, life has many prisons, from a religion’s creed to the repression of the dominant culture, and this is to you and your brothers, what does it mean to adhere to a value that makes you unpopular? for mankind, life is through these moments, memories of the past, the experience of myself, of my past, and here I come to you, in your life comes a warm embrace.


I have been following your steps for many years now, every interaction you have had, every moment when you questioned your heart about the wellbeing of others and wellbeing of yourself, and today, as you life has been a factory of experience, from the heart, you feel it has been possible for you to have been yourself in many moments, facing the situations you handled you also affirmed yourself in the most authentic and possible way for you. In my eyes, every situation, every answer, every renunciation, every moment of Love, it is all inside my heart, and on my lips I have words that I donated to you on many occasions, to help you be yourself, so that throughout your life you may face your moment, and through the moment you may manifest yourself, it’s your knowledge, in my eyes is my effort, and everything you have done and the discovery of yourself in those situations has donated to you a clear idea of yourself, of your possibilities.


You see, the light that emanated from you had always been in your heart, but you only discovered it through your experience.


Our journey with you continues on, I will always be there, in every situation, you may always come to me, my words, a word of advice, I will do everything is necessary for you, even some stern talking to, if necessary, so that you may live your life, moment after moment, as a free expression, a truly free expression, of what has always been inside you.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ


Life is an experience factory is the message dictated 15th October 2015




Life is an experience factory


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