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Life hostage of selfishness and pride

Life hostage of selfishness and pride messages


Life hostage of selfishness and pride : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I love you so much, I would like so much to be able to reassure you today and forever, but life on earth is still hostage of brothers who mistake this life with their own pride, with their own necessities, with their own selfishness, and this makes you exposed to episodes of violence, wars, problems that threaten your serenity.


Much of what you do is to protect yourselves from what those hearts have generated, you have a need to survive and live beyond the anguish and fear, you must survive; there is so much pain in your hearts when you leave your loved ones and go to work, or go to do your errands, a hope that nothing will happen to you, and profound pain from the heart; this is earth, you fight for survival from selfishness and pride.


Sometimes you turn your look to others, and you see the same emotions that are inside you, survival is a reality for many of you today, and tomorrow.


My beloved ones, I know that the black in your daily lives makes you want to give up, to give into discouragement, and thinking of the new world as a utopia, but it makes you remain paralyzed and when you do this, in a way, you are perpetrating the darkness you are experiencing.


While I am with you, my beloved brothers and sisters, I notice movement of many, and in every part of the world, there are those seeking justice, those giving their all for the freedom of other populations, there are those giving their heart to defend your planet, those who protect the animals, those who create proposals, those who give their hearts create change.


They are your companions, they are with you on this planet, their hearts start from this premise, their hearts are their engines, they are many, many brothers who will bring about change.


These brothers are working today, without rest, with a lot of passion, many obstacles, many resistances, “How is it possible” the heart says “to distance myself from those who are suffering, those who see their existence being denied, with a risk of death, at the hands of those who are only slaves in those hands?” and there are many hearts who are questioning themselves, and ask themselves if their contribution will be important for this progression.


You see, brothers, this is your today; brothers remember: the heart, and only the heart, can be the strength of the change, for this reason this is important to me, the heart, your heart, color your days with your heart.


I embrace you with all of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life hostage of selfishness and pride messages 28th January 2016




Life hostage of selfishness and pride messages


Life hostage of selfishness and pride


Life hostage of pride


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