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Reflections On Existence For Evolution

Reflections On Existence For Evolution messages


Reflections On Existence For Evolution : all of our doing is for you, for you my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters; in every moment our actions are done to allow existence to be an experience of growth for the heart; you have a footprint of the experience you need to evolve, and in the experience you build, made of encounters on earth, you materialize your objectives.


As you noticed, you are the actors in this wonderful experience that is your life on earth, you wrote the script with your own hand, and now its time for you to be the stars on the stage.


Every day, with us at your side, the plot plays out, lights, extras, a change of actors, on the stage plays out your life, the life of the heart.


Many, many times Love leaves traces, and the fulfilled needs for affection demonstrate that the other person is a container of Love, your heart can feel it, but another person on the stage does not find a heart to embrace him, he does not find compassion, and has a lot of suffering during his need for help.


What life offers are life conditions, very important experiences deployed to allow evolution; even pain can allow evolution, it can expose problems that need to be overcome and they pertain the Self as a Soul; sometimes, pain can place distance from a heart, sometimes loneliness too, this is loneliness from one’s self, and as the heart seeks contact, it finds indifference.


Contact of suffering with the suffering Me opens up to a new condition, to a past where your Love is not aimed at yourselves, at your own value, but has sought itself in the reflection of the other person.


Contact, and the past brings solutions.


I always see in people’s eyes the lingering of situations of suffering, you just need contact with the heart and the solution will arrive in life.


How do I love myself? The only question one should ask themselves, listening to the heart.


And here the stage lights up with new light, and the new can now enter the scene.


Contact, with Love you maintain the contact, with the heart you maintain the contact and your evolution will proceed, moment after moment, you will grow in the Love.


I squeeze you with my hug


Your brother Jesus Christ


Reflections On Existence For Evolution was the Message 4 February 2016


Reflections On Existence For Evolution


Reflections On Existence


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