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Goodness for the entire humanity

Goodness for the entire humanity count on other


Goodness for the entire humanity : today is just like the past; people, my beloved brothers and sisters, they can not count on other brothers to allow them to notice that in this world there is a humanity, a humanity made of men and women, and today, just like in the past, they place on to others their faith in wanting to solve problems.


This humanity asks for strength where there are problems, asks for possibility, and sadly it feels the indifference of brothers. You ask why with different governments and people who have succeeded one another, and have dedicated their efforts to solve these problems, nothing has changed in the substance.


You think of a government because you delegate to a government the duty of acting upon, when this humanity needs all of you, together; the voice needs to be from humanity, but sustained by the voice of all of you together.


This is why the objectives are still not reached, because your united voice is missing.


When you delegate, you choose others to replace you, and then you see yourselves as outsiders, when in reality you should unite, get together and propose, and face things, find solutions in this unity, to then deploy together the solutions.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, everything over time could change, you are the change for all of this humanity that screams its problems, and that feels faith toward you.


Why go through existence surrounded by pain when inside you have enough strength to slowly get to the solutions? Take your heart suffering from this pain and transform your emotion into action, seek this unity with others, and together give voice, together with this humanity, to the pain that surrounds all of you.


Now is the time when this humanity expresses suffering, and now your heart can help.


I close you in with my embrace, take ownership of the suffering of this humanity, and shout out from your heart the possibility of help.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Goodness for the entire humanity count on other is the Message 22nd February 2016




Goodness for the entire humanity count on other


Goodness for the entire humanity


Goodness for entire humanity


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