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Being in freedom mean

Being in freedom mean walking together


Being in freedom mean : life awaits you my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, with its needs, its necessities, but also with its dreams, projects, desires; sometimes there are obstacles on the way, and sometimes one does not like to give up, but during your current times others many push you beyond your tolerance level; these days waiting is seen as an enemy to be defeated, it’s better to have immediately, even if this is not always in the concept of the right, and is not always legal, and not always does it respect other people’s lives.


Being in freedom does not mean abusing, its does not mean imposing, it does not mean taking from others what is necessary to them.


I see many people not caring about what is dignity, value, respect, consideration, Love in others, their feelings; in your world everything is demanded, everything is wanted.


You are walking together, the life of each one of you is important, just as much as other people’s, you have dignity, each one of you is a precious gift, the life inside you is a precious gift, you have affection and a heart, strength for what is good, and Love for others, and if sometimes selfishness feeds your souls, remember that it is only a moment of selfishness that forms part of your humanity, and not of you as a Soul, and you embrace your heart very tight, the life that awaits you tomorrow will be life by Love, prepare today to feel worthy of the majesty of the Love that will welcome you.


I have in my heart all of you, my brothers and my sisters, all of you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being in freedom mean walking together is the Message 25th February 2016




Being in freedom mean walking together


Being in freedom mean together


Being in freedom mean


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