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8 of March Message for all women

8 of March Message for all women


Message for all women : may your existence be a heart in the world, be affection toward your loved ones, and infinite Love for your creatures, may every single embrace you give be equilibrium and serenity, may the words you say instil calm in every contrast, and may your lips be in the shape of a big smile and transmit the life you carry in your chest.


In this humanity you are worth more than gold, more than all precious gems of the planet, more than the biggest treasure in the middle of the ocean, because you carry life, you are rich with Love, rich with affection, rich.


You deserve all respect, all the attentions that are normally reserved for the most precious things, the most delicate, simple, strong, and you need to take care of yourselves in every season of your existence, take care of the body and of your emotions.


When you suffer, you seek with words a way to communicate the pain, when you feel affection in the heart you use your body to transfer joy, the body is the word of the Love, and the words are the expression of your discomfort, for this reason it’s important to listen to yourselves with attention in every smallest conversation, so that it is the heart the one who communicates and seeks the solution.


Your heart, so rich of humanity, feels at all times, it feels inside the pain of a son, every moment of worry, every ill-being of others, because humanity is the ingredient of the heart, and every suffering of others is a suffering of its own.


Look at these hearts as examples, listen to the possible pain of the world, and join other women to create a better world; learn from a heart that feels what a priority is, and women and men always embraced will make the real humanity. This is my wish.


And now I squeeze you with my embrace


Your brother Jesus Christ


8 of March Message for all women is the Message dictated by Jesus Christ




8 of March Message for all women


Message for all women


8 of March


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