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In the pain for all victims

In the pain for all victims the voice of God


In the pain for all victims : I come to you with my voice, the voice that I created, don’t worry, the times where hatred will walk together with the righteous ones will last a long time, and violence will go down the same road as Love, and even selfishness will proceed at the same pace as those who give of themselves for others; today I come to recommend to you to look out for your brothers, both those who make mistakes seeking incoherence in the thought that determines their actions, and those who make Love a reason for their lives.


You gain experience of others even in the pain, there is always a reason for the violence, there is always an emotion in that heart, and you see in the injustice the swivel of the sickle that sows death, but at the same time you consider the pain of others moving toward brothers to try to help them, to protect them, sustain them, helping them to regain their dignity.


These are my words for you: it’s useless to see every calamity as an omen or a proof of the end of time, every single destruction, every event that escapes the norm, this humanity that lives this time, does not have anything else to do than to take the problems and the pain of the weakest upon itself, the rage of those who were trampled upon, the pain that many brothers feel for this world that still does not know respect and Love.


Therefore, respect and Love are words or actions, they are words, sweet words to put on cards or are they your actions, it is a feeling of being with the other person, or being far away from them, it’s feeling what the other person could feel, or giving up; could my own self, which is of all times, be set aside a little bit for the sake of helping? This is what you should ask themselves: are they really words, or do I think as a heart?


These imminent festivities are an experimental ground for you in your heart.


In my embrace I welcome those who do not have the possibility to do what they had planned to do, and I remain in the pain for the parents, the friends, and the companions of the victims, in the pain for those who have filled with hatred an infinity of hearts, but to you, and to your Christmas, I wish you happiness with all my Love.


The Father who, when asked, always answers. Merry Christmas.


In the pain for all victims the voice of God – Berlin Attack 19th December 2016 is the Message 20th December 2016




In the pain for all victims the voice of God – Berlin Attack 19th December 2016


In the pain for all victims


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