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Together for a tomorrow of peace

Together for a tomorrow of peace message


Together for a tomorrow of peace : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am proud of you, I know you are facing life as if peace was all around, there is so much courage in your hearts, for many the complicated moment of being among brothers is not an obstacle to your Love, perhaps sometimes a stimulus to feeling yourselves, to placing your hearts one close to the other.


Over the time you are maturing, you are placing life, the passion that is inside your hearts, you see your today, with its difficulties, but inside your hearts there is the hope for tomorrow, a tomorrow of peace.


There are many brothers that today, with their effort, are operating for a tomorrow of peace, but there are still brothers who still place themselves and their own advantages in evidence ahead of human beings, their dignity, their entire value and the freedom that every creature has a right to.


While you carry the heart, they carry the weight of the pain of their selfishness; there are many who chase life’s false values, false gods, and are preoccupied with their peers with the same false values, the same false gods, with the same darkness in the heart; so much false security has been conquered, you pretend to do well, to have arrived, but the heart knows the lie of the mind and it sends its own signals; now there is darkness to clear up, a darkness that is heavy, a darkness that smells of death, what do I need to brighten up my days in this moment? Your brothers, those with the light in their eyes, those with the sincere voice, those who do not help resolve a situation, but they do resolve with their humanity, this is the real need: a humanity to reclaim, a humanity to feel inside oneself, a humanity to deploy on the field and a heart to feel itself again, a positive humanity is the ability to feel, and being able to be together with others as a heart, and being together with others to feel themselves, feeling this wonderful universe that has a heart at its centre.


You, builders of peace, are an example to those who seek their own humanity, your own actions, your voice, your attitude to do good, they are stimulus to those who are seeking peace inside, the world of the heart that we need to rediscover.


Those who love are truly precious for other brothers, and in my heart I am embracing you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Together for a tomorrow of peace is the Message dictated on 04th April 2016




Together for a tomorrow of peace


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