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Words of the Virgin Mother Mary on life

Words of the Virgin Mother Mary on life messages


Words of the Virgin Mother Mary on life : today I will speak to all of you of the help we are giving you and that goes to your hearts; I am the Virgin Mother Mary, here today to speak just with you, and today I hug you in my embrace, the embrace that as a Mother I donate to my children, it’s immense, my embrace is immense, it’s bigger than earth, because I embrace my dear children, but I embrace the entire creation in its every form, because all of it is necessary to existence.


Today therefore let’s talk about your hearts. It would be wonderful for you to make contact with the immense Love you carry, a world without words, but made of emotions, emotions is what gives you life, every emotion is life in all of you, and this while you go through your experience of life on earth.


Every young man is life, and every girl is life in herself, she is not a record of her age, you are, to our eyes, young men and women living in the world and make experience of the heart and mature with every experience from the heart.


How you changed from the moment of life on earth, among us you were always joy, all brothers, all friends, from us even the quickest moment was life among others, a harmony, it’s such a great joy to be together, and the respect toward everyone and the Love that united one to all others, you were at the side of Love, and every smallest experience meant to give your heart, you would sing from the heart, every movement was coming from the heart, every word came from the heart, even in this moment, my loved ones, you are still like this, but the contact, the passage to this finite experience of movement of growth on earth, in the life in materiality, has not opened, but rather closed your heart.


Reflect, there is a difference among everyone, risk, indifference, closing toward others, competition, and life becomes lifeless when you no longer feel the need to meet others.


As a Mother, I appreciate life, because as I love I distribute my heart, and my gift is always your happiness; if you knew how much warmth your happiness sends to my heart, this is your gift as I donate myself, but for me, donating myself is a necessity, it’s the heart that asks that of me incessantly: do love those creatures, love all of them, life is a moment of trick, I can not see, I can’t see, they can’t see themselves for what they are, embrace those who make mistakes, and put them back on their feet, speak to the heart, help those who make mistakes, they are such splendid beings, and now they are lost; marry those who help others, sustain them with every step during difficult times, and sustain them when they will be ridiculed, and in every moment when the pain will push them to give up; don’t place distances between the pain of a son who is suffering, stay with him and share the passage through the illness or the disability, it’s a surprise in life all the strength that you can donate, lay your eyes on the Love that they are expressing, and encourage the passion that they can live inside by loving; take care of all creatures of this creation, they are there to be of company or support, or with their actions can allow life on earth; you can not stop loving because life is exactly the heart, the life that was donated to you is Love, love, life is a wonderful miracle, it’s emotion, life is emotion, love and you will have life in the emotion.


This is my heart my children, my heart that donates itself every single instant for you, life is beautiful when you love; as my heart is, so is yours, my heart helps you and wants your happiness, as you love you will conquer your happiness. You need an instant, love the other form the heart, look at those eyes, radiant from the help, happiness, it’s the heart, the life that is inside you, the life that is donated when you love, the life that becomes wonderful, the life for brothers.


Feel my Love, it’s life.


I thank you, because every word dictated is my Love that donated itself for you.


The Virgin Mother Mary for ever.


Words of the Virgin Mother Mary on life is the Message 31st March 2016




Words of the Virgin Mother Mary on life Message


Words of the Virgin Mother Mary on life


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