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Carry the sun inside you

Carry the sun inside you vitality that you may feel


Carry the sun inside you : the Love I feel in my heart for you my brothers and for you my sisters is like a sun, a sun that reaches hearts to make you live your existence every day with the great Love you have inside you, my beloved; for you it’s like the sun that suddenly comes up in your life, a sun that moves for a brother with his difficulties, a sun that fills with pride for the help given, a sun that shines in the words donated, and those a just a few moments, but they are moments nonetheless.


Existing in life on earth carries many tasks, existing, eating, protecting oneself with some shelter, being in the position to provide for and sustain themselves and their loved ones, the commitment of maternity, the effort to raise your own children and prepare them for the world awaiting them, those are all necessities of existing, but they are necessities that, in the emotions, can be transformed from necessities into opportunities to give your heart.


In every word said to your loved ones, there can be feelings, in every meeting you are actually meeting a heart, and from your feelings you can say your words; in every moment, in every occasion of life you can meet the other person from the perspective of your feelings.


Let’s think back to that sun that is inside you my brothers and sisters, you are the ones who make it shine with all of your passion when you move toward others with your feelings.


The sun shines inside you, but the other person is the one who lights you up, just like the other person is precious for you, just like the sun that you carry with you everywhere; could it be filled with words, with Love, with light, if another person was not there to stimulate you? How could that sun send pride and joy inside of you if there was not another to stimulate you? How could your sun express its beauty and warmth if there was not another to stimulate you?


In all the vitality that you may feel inside you, there is your heart, your sun that’s shining, and this is why every occasion needs to be transformed from the feeling to be able to express. The other person is a heart, and you are a heart, and the contact is in the feeling.


My wish for you is that the feeling, your heart, your sun, will paint lots of light every day of your existence.


Embraced to you, and hugging tight my Mother, our wises


Your brother Jesus Christ


Carry the sun inside you vitality that you may feel is the Message 25th March 2016




Carry the sun inside you vitality that you may feel


Carry the sun inside you


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