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Innsburg Photos of Ghosts Pictures

Innsburg Photos of Ghosts Innsburg Photo of Ghosts Pictures Research History

Innsburg Photos of Ghosts Pictures : today I have decided to show you the witnessing and the photo of a ghost who appeared in a photo, it's a photos of ghosts, took by Rosalba along with the technical report prepared by the qualified person, a digital photo teacher, to whom the photos were shown, let’s start the story from the beginning.

Some months ago I received a letter from Rosalba and the photo I’ll show you enclosed, this is what Rosalba wrote to me, hello Sara, my name’s Rosalba, first of all your must know that I’m very happy to have discovered your Site, I’m enclosing a photo I’d like you to take a look at to understand if what you see is a defect in the camera or what, I must say that this photo has been taken in Austria on holiday last year, it was more or less October 25th 2010, I think we were in Innsburg, The figure you see in the foreground wasn’t there when I took the photo, we only saw it when we downloaded the photos on the computer, thank you very much, awaiting a reply of yours, Rosalba

After that I looked at the photo and I was astonished like Rosalba and her friends.

I’m starting to ask Rosalba some questions, so, we must reject the hypothesis that there was a problem with the camera, among all of the photos taken with that camera this is the only one like that; reject overlapping, because that face is there only in that photo and not in the other photos taken; we must reject a manipulation with a PC seeing that there isn’t one, we must reject a sign of Heaven of some beloved one, seeing that nobody of them knows this person; so???, we’ve only got this photo that witnesses itself with the body of light’s classical see-through

Having spoken with Rosalba, we have decided to publish this photo on this Site with a hope, the hope you’ll read with Rosalba’s words, hello Sara, I fully agree you publish the photo on your wonderful Site, I’d be really glad if someone could recognize it, sending a message of life of this boy or girl, maybe it’s what he or she wants, and that’s maybe why he or she has appeared on my photo.

With this hope we are showing all of you this photo

Rosalba and Sara Luce




Let’s speak about today, after having shown you the witnessing, I passed the technician all the original photos Rosalba sent me, the photo we’re taking about and the ones taken before and after that one, we have already spoken about that on the phone, so the technician was already expecting the photos, after a while, the phone rings, “I’ve got the photos, but instead of photo p1030708.jpg, the photo with the face on it, unexplicably a teeny tiny 2kb photo appeared entitled Listener jpg I’ll show you the original one.


The little picture and a photo of the screen of the PC is saved too, how strange, we’ll try again during the following days, doing the same things and the same enclosures to download and open them, but the photo Listener doesn’t appear anymore.

When the photo’s opened again, the big photo I sent reappears.

The photo is analysed in detail here’s the technical report.

The photo called p1030708.jpg (here Ghosts.jpg) seems to come from a Panasonic DMC – FS3 camera

You can easily check these features selecting the photo with the mouse and clicking on the right; you’ll get a drop down menu, choose, “Property” and then at the top left hand side on “Summary”

This is what we can all read from the original photo:


The photo has been taken on Oct17th 2010 at 18 and 48 and these days it has been scanned with McAfee antivirus plus” that didn’t highlight any virus, worm, Trojan etc.

The same photo has been subjected to a careful “visual” and technical investigation using “Adobe Photoshop CS3”.

Visual survey

The visual survey suggests that a photo taken has been taken at night with an element of a human image in the foreground, not belonging to the background of the picture underneath it.

As stressed by the features of the image these’s a shutter release time equal to 1/8 of a second, exposure.

Such a long time ought to necessarily show itself in the immediate visual picture of a person photographed in the evening/night and glow wake would distinguish the image we are speaking about; this all because the subject is staying still, and is moving a bit anyway, he breathes and so on, and who takes the photo too how ever still, he undergoes noticeable micro movements with a blurred photo for so slow shutter times.

The picture of the person in the foreground that “seems” laid onto the background is very still and definite, the outline of the sweatshirt he’s wearing is perfectly fused regarding the background of the photo with great continuity solution.

This thing not confirmed in a very obvious way after having zoomed various times on the photo.

I think that a mechanical error of the digital camera is unlikely or after years of professional snapping, I have never had such an “incidence” with digital photos shot by a digital camera.

Sometimes it happens with an analogical one, it may happen that the film gets stuck while it rolls, and that on the same frame you can find two different snaps, overlapping, with a different density of the negative.

You can get perfect overlapping in digital using a professional tolling programme, but in this case, it’s clear that there is a intentional will a sort of “bad faith”.

Technical survey with Adobe Photoshop C53

The above photo being opened with Photoshop C53 had been zoomed 20 times to enlarge it.

This makes us confirm that in the area of separation between the image in the foreground, blue sweatshirt, and the images in the background, there are no overlapping pixels or anything else, that suggests there’s a perfect incessancy between the two differences of the photos; that is, they seem to be only one photo, by an only snap, according to me.

The photo shows due different densities, one more “dull” that is, more full photografically which is the one in the background, the other one more see-through, so less dull, and is the image in the foreground.

The effect can be done with Photoshop but as it results with a perfect and professional outline of the picture, and of a overlapping in which the pixels of “both” interfuse well with one another.

With Photoshop you would use masks, layers, selection tools, blending layers and other things.

You’d need time, being good to working with your hands, and having a great experience of professional graphics, along with mostly “intentionality”.

We discover that the photo was taken on Oct 17th 2010 and not on Oct. 25th Rosalba will remember that the photo was taken on their first evening in Innsburg Austria during their first walk.

So now we know everything about this photo but there’s still the mystery of why that face appeared on Rosalba’s photo and there’s another mystery, how come when now the technician who has seen the photo and has written the survey, when he opens the photo P1030708.jpg the photo doesn’t appear any more but only a graphic work by the technician?, what’s this boy trying to nicely show us?, maybe that he’s a great graphic artist too?.

A hug to you all

Innsburg Photos of Ghosts Innsburg Photo of Ghosts Pictures Research History are phrases of Sara Luce

Innsburg Photos of Ghosts Innsburg Photo of Ghosts Pictures Research History

Innsburg Photos of Ghosts Pictures

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