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Orbs White Globe On The Picture

Orbs White Globe On The Picture Orbs In Jerusalem Saint Reliquary Israel


Orbs White Globe On The Picture : hello to all of you from Sara Luce, although it happens quite rarely, sometimes when we take pictures with digital cameras, and then we look the pictures taken, either immediately after taking them or on the computer, we see a whitish globe, like a white sphere, a globe of light, or several white luminous globes, of varying intensity, with colors ranging from white to light blue, and these globes are only on one picture, or only on a few if we took those pictures one after the other, what are they, why are those globes there?


They are called Orbs and they are the manifestation of the Sky being around us in that precise instant, energy of the Sky in that moment around us, presence of the Sky next to us. Energy of the Sky expressed by the Angels but also by our loved ones who are no longer on earth. They are manifestations of life, Life of the Spirit, reality of life in the Sky.


We also saw from a recently published testimonial, how this very same energy could transform itself and take on the shape of a human being (Angel), we also saw in many testimonials how these Orbs appear in answer to our hearts’ desire for contact with our loved ones who are in the Sky today, we saw through this site many manifestations of Orbs, however this introduction to the next testimonial you are about to read is addressed to those who are reading our site today for the first time and do not yet know about these manifestations, a teaching moment today for those who, like the characters in this testimonial, have learned the meaning of these luminous globes only thanks to the testimonials I have published so far. And when they find out, it’s such a joy!  However, let’s proceed and introduce our next testimonial of Orbs on pictures. A hug to everyone from Sara Luce.


Hello Sara, my wife and I spent the last three days of a packaged tour we took to visit Jerusalem, Israel.


On the 24th April, we went to the Abbey of Saint Reliquary, together with all other tours on the same area, and for last, the guide took us to the site of the finding of Jesus Christ’s cross.


While my wife was listening to the guide she temporarily moved away from me, and I took a picture of the cross.


I observed the picture to see if it came out all right, and I saw a white globe, I looked around the real cross and I didn’t see anything. When we returned, and we downloaded all the pictures we took, I was able to see the beautiful white globe in even more detail.


Among all the sites we saw during the 10 days trip in Israel, this for me was the moment where I got the most emotional.


Thanks to the discovery of your wonderful and extremely important website, I am discovering so many things that until now were unknown to me.


Thank you and I embrace you with much affection




Orbs White Globe On The Picture Orbs In Jerusalem Saint Reliquary Israel was the testimonial of Evelino


Orbs White Globe On The Picture Orbs In Jerusalem Saint Reliquary Israel


Orbs White Globe On The Picture


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