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How Our Departed Ones Manifest After Death

How Our Departed Ones Manifest After Death


How Our Departed Ones Manifest : hello everyone from Sara Luce; many times after the return of one of our loved ones to the Home of the Father, to avoid falling into desperation, we ask our loved ones for a sign of their existence, exactly like Rosalia did, the main character of the testimonial that you are about to read; the signs that they can use are the same that the Angels us to manifest themselves through our materiality, and those most frequently used are hearts, butterflies, perfumes, just like you also saw from previous photographic testimonial published on this site; the signs of our departed ones are always in answer to our wish in that moment to receive some contact with our loved ones in the Sky, first of all the desire comes from our heart, and then there is the manifestation of the presence; often these signs from our departed ones manifest in a very precise time of the day, in specific situations during the day, and this is to give even more certainty of the origin of that manifestation; welcome these signs with joy, and see how they will multiply, I will leave you to the testimonial.


Hello Sara, my experience started in 2007 after the departure of my beloved dad.


His death threw me into a vortex of anguish and despair, I was crying, I would always ask God and my dad to give me a sign of his presence. In fact, a week later, I started to receive signs wherever I was.


I would see hearts everywhere, however there is one instance that I want to share with you. One afternoon I was outside, as I walked past a gift shop I was attracted by the sight of a balloon in the shape of a heart, where the were a few words: Hugs and kisses from dad.


You can imagine my joy, God received my prayers, he took pity on my desperation.


And again, white and yellow bird feathers, I would find them everywhere and in areas that were not even outdoor, where it was impossible for any bird to enter. Unfortunately at that time I did not have the tools to take pictures, but I assure you that if I will receive other signs I will immortalize them with my smart phone and I will send the testimonial to you.


I will say that after having lost my dad and my mum, last year I lost my brother whom I adored, he was only 52, he died from a heart attack, it was a tragedy that left a mark on my life ever since them. I never had the gift of seeing the dead but I did see my brother once. Once again this time God took pity on me.


And dear Sara, as I promised, here is a picture of this last gift from the Sky. I think it is a sign that my brother wanted to send to me, I am sure of it because every day he would come and have coffee with me.


I hope you enjoy my testimonial.


Ciao sweet Sara.


image heart into a cup


How Our Departed Ones Manifest After Death was told by Rosalia




How Our Departed Ones Manifest After Death


How Our Departed Ones Manifest


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