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ORBS At The International Mass At Lourdes

ORBS At The International Mass At Lourdes A Memory Of The Apparitions In Massabielle


ORBS At The International Mass At Lourdes : hello Sara Luce, it’s me again, Maurizio from Turin; a few months ago I sent you the picture I took of the pilgrimage in Lourdes, asking your opinion on what was showing on the picture, I was very glad that you kept me informed over the many times that various readers looked at my pictures.


As I hinted on my last e-mail, I mentioned that I was going to send you other pictures from Lourdes.


These are from 2014, during the international mass that takes place every year in February to remember the apparition, in the grotto of Massabielle.


As always I will leave the word to you, who are definitely much more of an expert than me.


A big hug, Maurizio.


I hope we will catch up again soon. Thank you


image orbs during the international mass at Lourdes


image orb durin international mass at Lourdes


international mass at Lourdes image ORBS




The grotto in Massabielle is a naturally formed grotto located in Lourdes, it’s inside the sanctuary of Our Lady Of Lourdes, since 1959 it has been the destination for Christian pilgrimages following the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette Soubirous.


The Massabielle grotto is a carsic grotto, a little under 12 feet high, large and about 30 feet deep, inside it there are about ten little nooks: due to its nature, the rock is smooth and humid; nearby the grotto a long time ago pigs were taken there to graze, hence the name the pig’s cove, also, the river Pau flows right there.


Since 1959 the grotto has become a religious pilgrimage destination, because, in one of the inside nooks, where today we have a statue of the Immaculate Conception, created in 1864 by the sculptor Joseph-Hughues Fabisch, it is rumored that the Virgin Mary appeared to a young shepherd by the name of Bernadette Soubirous: two epigraphs commemorate the place where the shepherd was praying during the first apparition, and the old river path. Over the years the grotto underwent a few changes that modified its appearance in part, and made it more accessible to pilgrims, while over the grotto they built the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The interior is decorated with an altar made of rock, with a large candelabra, it is customary for the pilgrims to touch the rock along the entire cavity,  it has been done so many times that the rock has now become shiny. For a few years, right after the apparitions took place, access to the grotto was regulated by an iron gate, while along the entire side there were numerous crutches as a testimony, these crutches were later removed.


Inside the grotto, protected by a glass pane, is a water spring, discovered by Bernadette herself in the place where the Madonna asked her to dig: it is one of the eight springs in the area that feed the river, its waters are drank by the pilgrims and used to dip in at local pools in the area, as a sign of the renewal of the baptism and purification; below the cavity there is a small metal coffer that offers written prayers and intentions. (from wikipedia)


ORBS At The International Mass At Lourdes A Memory Of The Apparitions In Massabielle was told by Maurizio


ORBS At The International Mass At Lourdes A Memory Of The Apparitions In Massabielle


ORBS At The International Mass


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