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The face of an Angel appears next to Jesus

The face of an Angel appears next to Jesus photos testimonies


The face of an Angel appears next to Jesus : our Christmas is colored with wonder, thanks to this photograph in this testimonial, sent to all of us by Sabrina and by her mother Giusy from Catania, Italy; this image you are about to see is one of the precious jewels that they received, a wonder among wonders, you will see the face of a real Angel, appearing behind the statue of Jesus.


Our splendid photograph was defined, illuminated, and enlarged to allow all of us to easily see it. And now, first of all, let’s read Sabrina’s words, to accompany her photograph. Are you ready to be amazed? Yes? Good, let’s continue.


Hello dear Sara, today I am sending you this image that I personally took inside a Church in Catania, it’s called the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, my mother always prays to Archangel Michael! If you look behind the statue of Jesus, on the top left, you can notice what appears to be the trunk of a statue, but I can assure you that there is absolutely nothing behind that statue of Jesus!


Angel appears near the statue of Jesus Christ


Our photographer singled out exactly the section of the original photo to focus your attention on, here it is.


Section of the face of the Angel appeared near Jesus Christ statue


Some of you may have also noticed some reflections on the photo, it’s normal, given that the statue of Jesus has a glass pane in front of it, as it clearly shows on this image taken from the internet, where its shows exactly where the statue of Jesus is located inside the Church of Archangel Michael in the town of Minoriti, in Catania, on the Via Etnea street:


Church of Archangel Michael Catania Italy


Now let’s look at the very same image, sent to us by Sabrina, but with increased luminosity, achieved after some work from our photographer.


Image of Jesus Christ with the face of the little Angel


And now let’s continue to listen to Sabrina’s words:


If you enlarge it using a magnifying glass, you can notice his hair, the eyes, the nose and the little mouth, even if they are not well defined. The hair is wonderful, curly and flowing and it appears to be singing or praying.!


And here is an enlarged section of it, extracted by our photographer.


englanded section of the Angel appeared near Jesus Christ


Wonderful, isn’t it??? Let’s continue listening to Sabrina’s words:


That same evening at the restaurant I saw how two wings formed out of oil, I already sent you those! Without even trying, these events seem to take place sequentially, and even in other photos they appear as if they keep materializing with increasingly better definition, and in sequence!


We are so happy every time this happens, because we feel so loved by our Angels! Let me know if you liked it, so I can send you some more. In the shrine there is only the sacred heart of Jesus, so this apparition is so evident!


A big kiss from me and from my mother, we consider it a privilege, because we understand that it’s not easy for them to manifest!


And, together with Sabrina and her mother Giusy, and this splendid manifestation from the Sky, we wish all of you a Merry Christ!!!


The face of an Angel appears next to Jesus photos testimonies was told by Sabrina




The face of an Angel appears next to Jesus photos testimonies


The face of an Angel


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