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Coincidences for a new Path

Coincidences for a new Path Angels testimonies of Angels voluntary clown

Coincidences for a new Path : dear Sara, I have just come back from Senigalia; today the voluntary clown class has finished, I’m agitated by emotions, I’ve got my red nose, my T. shirt at last, and I’ll get my overall soon, I’ll start to tell you that my clown name is ARESU’, that in Persian means hope, wish, the name I had chosen, Ariel, had been chosen by someone else, owing to the fact that in Italy we are about 3000.

Sara, we are a big family, we help, speak, and share with one another…

I have faced many challenges to attend these lessons. At work, one day before starting to attend the lessons, my boss told me regretfully that nobody could replace me in the evenings…I got back home and cried for an hour, I called the Chief clown Mithril who told me to not despair, and that I could attend the following day at 7.00 p.m. if someone would had come to fetch me, I would have been able to go away earlier…Double desperation…Who could have come to fetch me at Senigalia and would have took me to Pesaro to work? How could I have woken up at 7.00 a.m., and then have gone straight to work after the lessons, and got back at 2.00 a.m.? Alessandra, my Guardian Angel, found the solution….A young boy I met in July had offered to come and fetch me, and even though I was ever so tired, I managed to work… and my pets? Alone all day long? Who’s going to feed them? I got an Idea! (Still my sweet Angel Alessandra!) My neighbours accepted with please to come to my house to take care of my “little children”… Isn’t that incredible???

Milthil, at the end of the lessons, while he was giving me my certificate, started crying, and while me hugged me he said: “You have succeeded!”… I discovered while doing all of the exercises, that I’m better than I thought I was, I can show my feelings without being shy, I’m self-assure, I look after myself, as to be better, and so help children and adults who suffer…I had learnt how to pin little balls. I have mimed with five other clowns, and we have been judged as the best ones, I put make-up on Miciù the clown, and on 25th October here in Pesaro I’ll be at the Square with them, while mothers will have a free breast check up, I’ll entertain the children with the make-up for children…then in December I’ll start with my service in hospital…What else can I say?… My Angel Alessandra and I are a great team, He’s fantastic, an Angel, my adorable Angel… Everything I have asked Him these days, He has/made it all come true…All the obstacles have been overcome, and now I have got a new opportunity, a new one in my life…I’d like to tell you thousands of other things, but I know that you already understand … I’m PROUD OF MYSELF…keep by my side on this new path of mine the way you want to, when you can, if you want to…

A great Hug … Your clown Aresù

Coincidences for a new Path Angels testimonies of Angels voluntary clown

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