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Testimonies of Angels Towards true Love

Testimonies of Angels Towards true Love infinite right times in life

Testimonies of Angels Towards true Love : dear Sara Luce, here I am to tell you testimonials of Angels, experiences towards true Love, testimonials about how my Angels are so patient with me, and how they never get fed up of reassuring me when I’m doubtful, I am quite a lot.

I don’t know if you remember about me, I’m Monica, the girl who’s going out with a foreigner who drives me mad, and who loves David my great love.

Things are getting better lately, but sometimes I feel anxious anyway.

Just to get you up to date, in the last few months the foreigner has had two accidents with my car, he broke my PC key, he got many fines with my cat, without paying even half of them, he has lost all my documents and some money, besides other little episodes, that put together would make you figure a rather desperate situation.

I can’t take anymore of it, but being afraid of starting a new life, has put a brake to things, leaving me in a slight depression.

Yet my Angels have made me find a very clear message in a book telling me to not wait anymore and to get married, that if I go on staying with him, I’ll suffer, and that in my new life I’m going to find lots of Love.

Not being satisfied about that, I have asked the Angels other proofs.

I clearly said to them “if David is really the man of my life, you MUST send me VERY clear and strong signals, and only then I’ll stop this trouble, and so I’ll decide to get married”.

Apart from the fact that I received other very clear messages, four episodes have given me the confirmation I was expecting.

I asked last Sunday and on Monday morning I picked up a book, and I opened it by chance, the sentence that hit me had the name David in it.

In the afternoon I opened my mail, and suddenly I found I was holding a prayer about God always with us, written by a someone called David.

Then I went to see my grandparents, I don’t know how, but I was attracted by a glass ball with snow in it; it was years since I touched one of them, there I felt the need to see how the snow fell.

As I turned it upside down there was a label with, “David” written on it underneath.

The following day my uncle came along and said, “I have been in that certain place, and I saw there was a horse”.

I looked at my uncle and said “what horse?”, and he went, “David’s horse”.

So I thank my Angels, and I say “oK, Boys, I’ll take action”.

A few days past, and it’s today, still with some trace of skeptisism, shall I really get a move on to get married?, I want to take act, but I don’t know how nor when, I’m still a bit frightened, shall I wait a bit?, probably, it’s better to, although I know that it will give me a lot of grief.

I got my book of oracles and I opened it by chance “don’t wait, there is no right time, there are only infinite right times that you don’t catch, while waiting".

This for example is one of the most, “would you like to waste it once again?”.

I think that after such words I really have to take action otherwise I’ll end up stuck in quicksand forever.

I thank God for my Angels’patience which I don’t understand, and I hope that I’ll end up in Love’s arms very soon.

Testimonies of Angels Towards true Love infinite right times in life are phrases from Monica

Testimonies of Angels Towards true Love infinite right times in life

Testimonies of Angels Towards true Love

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