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Sara Luce testimonial stopped by my Angel

Sara Luce testimonial stopped by my Angel stories of Guardian Angels

Sara Luce testimonial stopped by my Angel : almost ten years ago, then we were organizing the Meeting about Angels at Villa Mercede; those were days full of phone calls, contacts, problems, and problem solving, in other words I had many problems on my mind.

We had an appointment at Villa Mercede, this Villa of the Town Hall of Rome Italy overlooks via Tiburtina. One of the most main streets of the city, and it’s obviously a very busy one. In that part of the street, there are only two lanes, one for each direction, and you can often see a queue of cars waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

I was talking about the Meeting and the arrangements we were to take with the library, I was concentrated on that and not on the traffic. The traffic lights were red, the cars were one behind the other, and to take a short cut, instead of crossing the street at the traffic lights, as you often do in Rome in these circumstances, I passed between two cars, without looking if there was a car coming. I thought that nobody would have tried to overtake all the queue of cars going onto the other lane.

So, still speaking, I got at the end of the bumper of the car waiting for the green traffic lights to go on. … When it was like I had bumped into a huge glass, I felt spread on it, as you see in some advertisement, my chin was upwards, and my head leaning backwards, I didn’t feel any pain, but how can I say, only a strong feeling of impossibility of going on. I said glass, because it was see-through, but the feeling was softer, like what we feel when we try to push a balloon, only that I felt it completely on my body.

Just the time to think.” What’s going o…” A car dashed in front of me, and what I thought for sure would happen, was happening!

It would have surely ran me over, if my Angel hadn’t stopped me. The driver wouldn’t have had time to brake, seeing he was going too fast.

Sara Luce

Sara Luce testimonial stopped by my Angel stories of Guardian Angels

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