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Beyond death Love goes on beyond Death

Beyond death Love goes on beyond Death vision of the love of my life


Beyond death Love goes on beyond Death : hi, I’m Claudia and I’m twenty-eight, I found your site by chance, I can’t tell how I ended up on it, maybe it’s a sign of destiny, I don’t know, this is my tale, almost eleven years have past since the love of my life died; we were in love, we planned for the future together, it wasn’t the usual kids’ crush; one evening destiny decided to separate us, I don’t think you need to be explained what I went through during those years …


Unfortunately life goes on. I got married and I’ve got a little son!! I find he strength to go on, because I know that he has never abandoned me!! I feel his presence next to me!!


After a couple of days after his death, I woke up and on opening my eyes, I saw him dressed in white with a light inside of him, as you see in films. He was coming towards me, but then being frightened I went under the blankets, and when I opened my eyes again he wasn’t there any more!!


Since that night he often caresses my head or my hands!! Sometimes he embraces me too. One night I heard a voice saying: “Claudia wake up, Matteo is awake.” Opening my eyes I saw my son coming to my bedroom!! He’s my Angel. He protects me and my family …


In 2007 on the way back from our holidays, on the motorway, a lorry dashed in front of us, and our car ended up into a wall. You won’t believe it, the only one who got slightly injured was me, because my husband and my son weren’t hurt at all, and do you know why? Because I always say that if something should ever happen, I would like it to happen to me and never to my husband or my son!!


I’m even sure that it was him who made me meet my husband, because I wouldn’t have found one like him!! You see, he cries like me!! He’ll always be in my heart … I have never told anyone the things that happen to me, because I have always been afraid people would think I had gone mad!! Thank you for having listened to me !!




Beyond death Love goes on beyond death vision of the love of my life


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