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To communicate with my Angel

To communicate with my Angel looking for a contact with my Angel stories

To communicate with my Angel : dear Sara Luce, at this point I’ve just got to tell you; these are very difficult days for me, I‘m trying to communicate with my Angel more clearly, but obviously I must be more patient, or maybe I‘m expecting something that won’t happen, a name whispered in my ear, I don’t know, who knows, anyway some months ago I was in my car and suddenly speaking to Him I said “dear Angel, let’s see if you want to speak to me by means of a song”.

I switched the radio on a channel by chance, and the first song after the advertisement was “in whatever place outside or inside of you”.

I’ll write a part of the song

Keep me with you on a photo wherever you want

In the pockets of your jeans

In the air of every breath of yours

At the end of your eyes, at night

At day always a bit in mind

I’d like to be

A watchful presence for you

I’d go anywhere with you

I’ll be there, if you want

When you feel a bit down

And when you fall asleep

Closing you eyes, you’ll see me

There a lot of room inside you

And a corner if enough for me

Who wants to be every day

In the wrinkle on your neck

Among your hair like a knot

Or banged like a nail

Onto the sides of your heart

With a painless hammer

Well I thought it wasn’t bad, but I thought ”it can’t be. It must be by chance!!”.


Then today, after several days that happening what I’m going to tell you happened, I was very sad and lonely, in a few days time my little girl would have been four months old, that doesn’t leave a lot of space for other lighter thoughts.

While getting into my car, I thought that I’d have liked to listen to Ligabue’s song which isn’t very new called “the day of sorrow one has”, because I remembered a part of the song which was just right for me.

I tried to find it on many channels, zapping like mad on the radio, but nothing, it was something impossible!.

Late in the evening, on ly way back home, I went on going back and forwards on the channels, then resigned, I switched the radio off, almost immediately I switched it on again banging not on purpose, it was on a registered radio channel; I didn’t recognize it immediately, because there was advertising, strangely enough I didn’t change the channel, the speaker announced the next song “now were are going to listen to Ligabue with “the day of sorrow one has”.

Could you believe me Sara?, I burst out crying, laughing, sobbing, sending kisses to Heaven, and towards the seat next to me, because my Angel should have been there; when the song ended, I hear the radio gingle, but without the usual refrain; the gingle simply said “always at your side!”.

So immediately here I am to tell you about it.

To communicate with my Angel looking for a contact with my Angel stories are phrases from Livia, with Angela in my heart.

To communicate with my Angel

To communicate with my Angel looking for a contact with my Angel stories

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