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Guardian Angel's Help a insisting voice then a infernal blast experience

Guardian Angel’s Help a insisting voice then a infernal blast experience


Hi Sara, I’ve just read your presentation on the site, and I’m stunned about what you wrote.


Some time ago, while speaking with some friends about Guardian Angels, and they were telling about certain experiences of theirs, I said that something that could be referred to a Guardian Angel had never happened to me. But once I got home, I tried to remember and…at last… BUT OF COURSE IT HAD HAPPENED TO ME TOO…and I really want to tell you about it.


It was Sunday. My husband and I had just finished having lunch, and I went into the kitchen to do the washing up. While I was rinsing the sink, I had to go to the toilet, but, as I do as usual, I didn’t go, because I wanted to finish, and that day I did the same thing too, Only that unlike the other times, it seemed as if I had heard a very insisting voice urging me to go to the toilet.


I had had just left the cloth in the sink, I walked for a few steps (I didn’t manage to get into the toilet), and I heard a infernal blast. I looked back, and…in the kitchen where I was an second before, the glass lid of the cooker broke, because on closing the lid, I had forgot the switch the gas off.


There were pieces of boiling glass everywhere, and the linoleum floor had great burns. I don’t even dare think of how I would have ended up, IF I HADN’T OBEYED TO THAT VOICE. I STILL THANK MY GUARDIAN ANGEL.


This is the fist time I write about this experience, but another thing I find that had got to do with it is that just yesterday I said a prayer to my Guardian Angel and today I have read your presentation … who knows, I think He wants to tell me something … This period of great sadness and weakness.


A hug, Anita


Guardian Angel’s Help a insisting voice then a infernal blast experience thank my Guardian Angel



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