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My Angel Experiences of Help Presence

My Angel Experiences of Help Presence of my Guardian Angel
My Angel Experiences of Help Presence : hello Sara Luce, first of all I don’t know how nor why I have ended up on this site; is it a coincidence?, no, I don’t think so; I’ve always been interested in Angels, I can’t speak much about the person who made me become interested in this, otherwise I’ll end up writing a book, but I assure you he knew how to transmit the sureness of having an Angel next to me; I have never tried to get to know His name, but I address Him during the day, and I thank him in the evening.
There are two episodes that relate me to my Angel, the first: I was going through a time of great grief after my husband had left me to go and live with another woman, I was living in a time of great closure, I didn’t want to see anyone, I was so depressed and distressed, I felt alone, but nevertheless I didn’t look for friends, I cried a lot and there was a lot of confusion in my life, I had to leave my family home after the lawyer’s OK, but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t leave my home, I kept on taking time only to get used to the idea of moving on.
One day I received a dramatic phone call, Mark, my friend Mark had died in an accident, I couldn’t believe it, my friend with whom I had shared my grief, the person who kept on telling me how strong I was, and how I could get onto my feet again, a great grief, at his funeral I was next to his open coffin all the time, and I stayed with him up to the end; mass had been celebrated in a little town in Umbria, a region in Italy, and the little square was full of his friends, at that time I was thinking of how he filled me with strength and friendship, making me feel confident in myself during our evenings of outbursts and crying; at the cemetery I had been with him until his coffin was closed in his grave, on the way back in the car, the person who was with me had a compact disk, and I heard a song “the last kiss” and I started to cry again, I went on listening to it over and over again until I got home; now that song reminds me of him; the day after his funeral, I got the courage to pack my bags, get my dog and go back to my parents, it took me only a few minutes to leave my home with a clear decision inside of me.
During the following days I was feeling confused, my thoughts didn’t let me rest, and I kept on day dreaming, I was absent-minded, never looking around me; one of those days, while I was going to cross the road, I felt someone grab my jacket behind me, and being compelled to take a step back, an unnatural movement, jumping backwards isn’t an easy thing to do, I suddenly turned behind to see who it was, but there wasn’t anyone, in that split second a bus was passing ever so fast, and if “someone” wouldn’t have pulled my jacket, I would have ended up under the bus; the bus driver braked holding his head, fearing for what could have happened, that day I understood that my Angel’s there for me.
The second episode dates back to a few days ago, I had come out from work, I had finished my half-night shift, it was gone 1 o’clock a m, when I pulled up in front of the garage, I opened the rolling shutter with the remote control, and I went in, it was pouring outside, inside the garage there was a strong smell, something unbearable, so I hurried out from the internal staircase leading into a square near my front door where there’s a supermarket, I got to my front door holding some bags, my umbrella and my keys, and I went in; just in time to get to the first floor and get into my house; there was a bang, a great explosion made my house and everything around it tremble, a great fright, what had happened was while I was in the garage, some thieves were in the supermarket filling the safe with God knows what sort of gas that then they blew up, if I had passed five minutes later, I probably wouldn’t be here writing to you; my first thought was him, my Angel, who saved my life, taking care of me once again.
A hug
 My Angel Experiences of Help Presence of my Guardian Angel
 My Angel Experiences of Help Presence
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