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Guardian Angels A heavenly meeting

Guardian Angels A heavenly meeting and a change of life Witness
Guardian Angels A heavenly meeting : hello Sara, thank you for having replied, I’m going to tell you about what happened to me four years ago, I live in Northern Ireland in Lisburn, because I like it here; do excuse me Sara, I accidentally sent you my message without finishing it, I was saying that I love driving, so I’m a taxi driver in this country, Northern Ireland; people drink a lot at weekends, I used to take them to the pub and back home later when they were drunk, moreover, there were people drunk on their way home in the street, who used to ask me to drive them home, and I wasn’t afraid, anyway I did this job for two years.
One day like any other day, my firm sent me to fetch a person from her house, I got there and I saw a woman waiting outside a neighbourhood who stopped me, saying that she had called the taxi, I let her into my car, and while I drove her to another town she said “it’s very dangerous for you to be a taxi driver seeing you’re a woman, you could be a driver instructor”, I replied “no, I’ll have to study a lot, I don’t think I’ll manage!!”, she replied “it isn’t hard for you, you’ll manage to become a driver instructor.”
When we got to the place, she asked me to pull up because her house wasn’t far and she wanted to walk and so I did, she said in English, “I wish you all the best as a driver instructor ”, as soon as she got out of my car, I felt a strong duty to carry out what she told me to, that is, to get to know how to become a driver instructor.
It wasn’t easy to attend that school, I studied for two years, and I worked with great sacrifices, I have had to pass three hard exams, now I’m a driver instructor, I love my job and I earn quite a lot to be able to have a comfortable life, and without having drunk people in my car, moreover, with the economic crisis that we have had, many people losing their job have become taxi drivers and so they earn little unfortunately, because there are many of them, it’s very dangerous being a woman taxi driver here, because people drink a lot over here, and even because there’s money crisis and you could be menaced or robbed.
I can’t remember what that woman looked like, and my firm told me that they didn’t send me to that town, it was really my Guardian Angel who I thank very much for my fantastic job; thank you Sara, best wishes.
Guardian Angels A heavenly meeting and a change of life Witness
Guardian Angels A heavenly meeting
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