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Help from my Angel Oh Angel help me

Help from my Angel Guardian Angels and Coincidences Oh Angel help me
Help from my Angel Oh Angel help me : hi, I’m writing to you to witness about some help I got from my Angel, although I must admit, I still doubt about it; I have ended up on your site almost by chance, and I’m starting to read “Message to Humanity” as you suggested me to in another mail and some witnessing of Angels.
It was March so it was nearly Spring, but in my town we’ve had some snow, it wasn’t much, but seeing I’m fond of going for a walk in the woods, I decided to go to a place where I like to go in Summer to the woods on a mountain near where I live, I got on the read to reach the woods, but seeing that it was Winter, and that at a certain point the road’s full of snow and ice, I stopped in a stupid way, and without putting the snow chains on the wheels I thought I could have managed, I only had to go a bit further to reach the place I used to attend and where I used to walk on the snow, I tried to steered to go forwards and backwards, no hope, I was stuck, my wheels skidded on the ice, thinking back on what I had read about Angels on your site, I had a try saying, not being very convinced about it “my dear Angel help me overcome his situation”, then rationally I started to wonder what to do, seeing that it was getting dark and being on a mountain road with snow and feeing cold, isn’t ideal, although I could call my father or go onto the road nearby where there was no snow to ask for help; I tried to do everything with care, first I got the chains out and I try to fit them, but the thing was that they just didn’t fit; I started to get fed up, after having fiddled for half an hour outside out in the cold, I said to myself again “I really need your help, my dear Angel”
After a while two youngsters come up in a Jeep, but people rarely take that road, let alone in Winter, and I asked them to help me get back on the road without snow to get back home, they kindly started to push my car and going backwards, I got back on the concrete, I thanked they with all my heart, and I went back home.
Being on the road I noticed that the youngsters followed my direction too, because the other one is closed with snow and it doesn’t lead you anywhere, unless for Summer walks, I think “what luck!”, thinking it over; two youngsters only one wouldn’t have been enough to push, in a Jeep and on a lonely road that wasn’t even the direction they were heading for!, so then I started seriously to thing of guardian Angels, and I thanked mine many times, for not letting me have had a worse evening, coincidences?, they seem a lot!
Bye, a hug, Carmine
Help from my Angel Guardian Angels and Coincidences Oh Angel help me
Help from my Angel Guardian Angels Oh Angel help me
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