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Guardian Angel's reply to a desperate Mother

Guardian Angel A guardian Angel’s reply to a desperate Mother
Guardian Angel’s reply to a desperate Mother : dear Sara, I’m really happy to have had your reply, I was afraid to not get one; as a past witness, I’d like to cite the experience I had a few years ago; when my son, Luca, now sixteen, was about four, although being vaccinated, he got parotid, unfortunately, he immediately got an extremely rare complication related to the parotid gland, called pancreatitis; I remember my son was suffering very much, in this case you feel very strong pains, and the doctors who came to our house to visit him couldn’t understand what the matter was, and as a consequence they prescribed unsuitable and mild treatments; in the meantime my son was getting worse, and I was desperate; I remember that every time a doctor left my house, while I was sitting on the settee, I felt deep down that it wasn’t the right thing to do. In the meantime, my child had no longer the strength to eat, to drink, not even to mourn, actually it was as if he were lying there; he was dying.
Being desperate, I went into my bedroom keeping the windows closed, and locking the door, and I prayed to my Guardian Angel, asking Him to ask Luca’s Guardian Angel to make something happen to save my child, suddenly I felt some wind on my face and it moved my hair too, I remember the windows and the door were shut, but I didn’t notice it then Suddenly I thought of a friend of mine who had told me of a very good pediatrician in my town, but it was very hard to get an appointment. I immediately rang up this friend, who, strangely enough, contacted the pediatrician, who visited my son at three o’clock p.m. at my house, who ascertained that my son was really very ill, and booked an URGENT admission to hospital, at the children’s hospital in Bari, I’m from Taranto Italy; in the evening my son was admitted into hospital, checked, they applied permanent drips, and the next morning Luca told me he wanted some milk, it was a miracle!!
When I calmed down, I remembered when I asked my Guardian Angel for help, then, and only then, remembering the wind on my face and in my hair, I realized that that was my Angel’s message, saying “I’m here”, making me think of my friend, He put me on the right path to save my son.
The nicest thing is that Luca, despite the disease, hasn’t had any complications anymore, it was almost sure he would have had, and now he’s very healthy.
I thank my Guardian Angel, but mostly you with your site, by which I have the opportunity to witness how great and important this figure, who is always by our side, is.
Guardian Angel A guardian Angel’s reply to a desperate Mother
Guardian Angel’s reply to a desperate Mother
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