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Angels Presence of Guardian Angel Experience

Angels Presence of a Guardian Angel Experience a Gift in my Dream
Angels Presence of Guardian Angel Experience : hi Sara, I’m Gabriella and I want to tell you about this experience of mine about presence of Guardian Angel; some evening ago I was in bed, and before falling asleep I thanked God for His gift, my Guardian Angel, who always guides and protects me.
I don’t often say this prayer of thanksgiving, but anyway that time it was more intense than the other times, while sleeping I had this dream, there was the image of the merciful Jesus, it was huge and behind there was a black background, the image moves away from me and goes up showing our planet Earth; suddenly a bright aura covers Earth completely wrapping it, right then I understood that that’s the way Jesus wraps the world with his mercy when I pray to Him to have mercy on the souls of those who don’t believe in Him; while I understand this, in my dream I wake up (a dream in another dream) and I find myself in a bedroom that’s not mine and all the room’s light blue; near my bed there’s a window with light blue curtains that start to move although the window’s closed and I think there’s nothing to be afraid of, because it’s my Angel and so I tend my right hand with my palm on the top, and through the curtain, he takes my hand, and I hear a voice saying “the hand", suddenly I wake up feeling great peacefulness in my heart.
I think that my Angel wanted to show me how my payers are useful to humanity and his real presence next to me, touching His hand has been an enormous gift to me and although I didn’t see His face, I felt His presence more than ever!, I’m really happy to know that I’m not alone on this way of life, being guided by one of God’s messenger.
May God give you peace
Angels Presence of a Guardian Angel Experience a Gift in my Dream
Angels Presence of a Guardian Angel Experience
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