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Medjugorje A Trip to Medjugorje A Pilgrimage

Medjugorje A Trip to Medjugorje A Pilgrimage to Medjugorje Testimonies
Medjugorje A Trip to Medjugorje A Pilgrimage : this is my testimonies, my pilgrimage, my trip to Medjugorje, it’s not the fist time I go on this journey, and during these last years, I have noticed that the flow of people in this Bosnian town, lost in the unchanged hills, has remarkably grown bigger at the expense of intimacy and the silence necessary to interior recollection, which are necessary if you want to enjoy the fruits of this spiritual pilgrimage.
For me, seeing I leave by car from Venice, the way gradually shows me the landscape without people on the motorway that goes through Croatia up to Bosnia, and it’s like a gradual physical change of the environment, a gradual getting away from an over populated civilization, of noise, of chaos of everyday problems; I like it better than going by plane, slowly you get into a more peaceful dimension, few cars, open spaces, temperance and silence.
The journey, that lasts about eight to nine hours, is itself a preparation to that rarefied atmosphere of Medjugorje, a little town that’s now like an oasis in the bosnian desert of poverty and of the effort to survive from the war; surrounded by hills and mountains, Medjugorje obviously doesn’t hit you for its beauties, it’s a town with anonymous houses here and there, and where the souvenir shops are crowded around the little church that can’t longer holds the great mass of pilgrims who come from all over the world; strangely enough the aspect of business isn’t outrageous, it’s only an awkward necessity and nothing more, because you immediately feel as if you were in a living dimension that we have completely lost here, everything’s easier, immediate, without any fuss, even hotels are simple, almost severe not wanting to give priority to the needs of the body but to the soul.
What hits you is seeing crowds of people praying, willing to prove their faith and nothing else, then it becomes so easy to detach yourself from the surrounding environment and congregate in a dimension that brings us close to Heaven, and every place symbol of Medjugorje really seems to give hospitality to Our Lady and Jesus Christ; you feel as if you call them, and they can answer us, it’s their earthly home, otherwise how could you explain the miracle of hundreds of patient people queuing up, waiting for their turn for their confession?, what about those dozens and dozens of people at the statue of Risen Christ to be able to wipe with a handkerchief the drop of water that unexplainably comes out of one of the knees of that statue since many years?, even more the endless queues of people praying going up the (steep, rocky) hill at the Podbrdo, the hill of the Apparition, and the other steeper, longer and more tiring one of Mount Krizvac, considered a sacred place?, I have gone up the Krizvac too, for the second time in my life, and that time there were thirty degrees in the shade, but I have seen old aged people, ill people, climb up to the top barefoot climbing past sharp and tricky rocks without any danger, if these aren’t little miracles, what are so?
In that rarefied atmosphere in which the world and its chaos seems far away from us, it’s easier to listen to one’s own soul, lift oneself a little from the ground that compels you to the effort to live, free oneself from daily problems, and Mary, who is alive and present there, helps us with that. It’s like taking a breath of pure oxygen for our soul; time goes by fast in prayer, that here, I don’t know why, you feel it come out from your heart, I think that’s the real miracle, that’s why I believe that anyone, believers and non-believers, here can find a surprising scenario, where you can get in touch again with your soul to learn from a source of deep reflection.
Medjugorje A Trip to Medjugorje A Pilgrimage to Medjugorje Testimonies are words from Francesca
Medjugorje A Trip to Medjugorje A Pilgrimage to Medjugorje Testimonies
Medjugorje A Trip to Medjugorje A Pilgrimage
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