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Angels The Intervention of an Angel

Angels The Intervention of an Angel Presences of Angels during the Flight
Angels The Intervention of an Angel : I’d like to witness of something that really happened to me; this is the story of how I understood that God hadn’t left me on my own and that He had put a Guardian Angel who saved me by my side.
I was nine ys/o and I was going through hard times. My parents had parted two years before, and I had moved to another town with my mother and her new companion. It was the most terrible period of my life, because they kept on leaving me alone, and they mistreated me. That was the period I came closer to God that ever before.
On a Sunday afternoon my mother sent me to buy some cakes, and as I was crossing the road, a car ran me over. Suddenly I saw the scene in slow motion: the car bumping into my leg, and I felt as if I were flying … I felt as if there were people around me telling to keep calm during the flight, and that it would have ended soon. I felt as if they were lifting me up after a bit I felt my head being put on a cushion and delicately I felt as if they were putting me gently onto a bed … I didn’t feel any pain … after a while I opened my eyes, and they told me what had happened: in short, after the car ran me over, I literally flew and banged my head on the side of the lane near the pavement, I flew from one pavement to another vertically landing on my head.
I stood up and was stunned to see that my right leg (that had been bumped by the car on my knee) didn’t hurt. Only my left ankle was hurting … limping I started to go away, but everyone was astonished to see how I could walk and they wanted to take me to hospital … but I was OK. I didn’t go to hospital and in a few hours time I had no pain in my ankle.
Angels The Intervention of an Angel Presences of Angels during the Flight
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