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The Value of prayers The Strength of Prayers

The Value of prayers The Strength of Prayers Witness about The Value of prayers
The Value of prayers The Strength of Prayers : hi Sara, I have been reading you witnesses since some time, and I‘d like tell you about something that happened to me about the value of prayers and the strength of prayers; last year was a bit difficult, many people I knew had a lot of problems, and I‘d have loved to have a magic wand to help everyone a bit; one day a friend of mine told me that her father was at the end of his days, his illness was continuing, and there wasn’t much one could do about it except going on with the cure and waiting for the fatal day; she was realty down, but most of all she didn’t know how to encourage him to face the following painful days, in fact he was afraid to suffer as his wife did, and mostly he was afraid of death, he was terrified.
At the same time a sister of a friend of mine was pregnant, because of problems she had to give birth immediately as not to let her die, as soon as he was born he weighed less than 1 and 5 kg, and the doctors didn’t know it the baby would have lived or not.
The only thing I could do for them was to pray, so every evening I said the “Rosary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,” I wrote on a sheet of paper the names of all those people I wanted to help, as if I wanted to declare them to Jesus so He could not make them suffer.
One day while I was praying, I felt strange as if I felt I was going away. I couldn’t feel my body anymore but I was just there sitting down and praying, and I didn’t even feel unwell, I was afraid, and instinctively I called my husband, but I recovered quickly, and I went on praying, I had a check up done, but I was OK.
After a few days I got to know that my friend’s father had gone to Heaven while he was sleeping, without having suffered, and not having understood that it was his time to go and so be afraid; my friend’s sister’s baby’s well; he’s nearly one now, and the doctors are still wondering how he did it to survive without suffering any brain of physical damage.
If I had gave you a list of the other things I have seen, I’d need some more space, I wanted to tell this to all those people who read these pages to witness God’s real existence, His power, and His great and infinitive Love for us beings of Earth, but always His children; don’t feel discouraged if something goes wrong, pray and take for good everything that comes, because there’s sense even in worse things.
A hug to you all
The Value of prayers The Strength of Prayers Witness about The Value of prayers
The Value of prayers The Strength of Prayers
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