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Vision Contact after Death Experience

Vision Contact after Death Experience Presences after death

Vision Contact after Death Experience : dear Mrs Sara, I’d like to thank you once again because surfing in this such sensitive “space” is helping my heart to open up to life and to emotions I have lost; I’d like to share with you one of my many “experiences” like when my Angel tapped on my shoulder hoping to confirm once again His help and his Love for me; reading the witnesses is very good for me; I feel less alone and protected.

Some time ago I lost an important person in my life, a dear friend who I liked very much, I used to cry often, feel desperation taking over me, I was in my bed, invoking my friend, crying and telling him that I felt lonely, abandoned and with no landmarks that he had been for me for a long time; I even knew that love doesn’t end with death, but desolation of a lonely person is sometimes stronger than any sureness, suddenly I “saw” two dots of light at the height of my forehead in front of me, one brighter than the other, coming close to me, I can’t explain that experience, because those lights were far, but at the same time they were near in front of my eyes, they went on getting nearer without getting out of my visual field as it would have been logical; I was frightened at first, but immediately I understood, I don’t know why, but I know it’s so, that was my friend’s sort of message telling me he was there with me, so I said loudly “yes, OK, I understand”, and although being troubled by that extraordinary feeling, I felt being “followed”.

During my hard times I still feel he’s near me although I try to be rational anyway, I know there’s someone next to me, helping me, all I have to do is “listen to him” or “ look at him” Life isn’t easy, it has never been so for me, but I always pray to find my inner space, that’s the real home we’ve got.

I Thank you with all my heart

Vision Contact after Death Experience Presences after death are pharases of Stella

Vision Contact after Death Experience

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