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Jesus and Padre Pio Dreams and Coincidences Signs of Help Witness

Jesus and Padre Pio Dreams and Coincidences Signs of Help Witness
Dear Sara Luce, You’re definitely right, you’re right when you say that prayers all always heard, and that coincidences do exist.
Excuse me if I’m taking some of your time, but I want to tell you about what happened some time ago.
In September 2010 Cesare my ex chief, told us that probably our contracts weren’t going to be renewed, so I was desperately looking for another job.
More or less ten days later Cesare proposes me to go and work at one of his companies of which he only was a nominee, and so I’d have had a new chief.
I liked the idea, so I accepted.
The first week went on well.
On the following Monday morning I had a dream …
I was in front of a Church with two people I knew. At a certain point a monk comes towards us (when I woke up I realized it was Padre Pio) telling us to follow him; He took us to a trapdoor, asking us to go down the stairs, but on leaning, we only saw a dark and messy place.
My frightened friends refused to go down, but I plucked up courage, and I decided to do what the monk told me to.
The place was really scary. While I was going down those stairs, and my eyes were looking upwards, I saw a white garment in that horrible place. I just can’t explain the white. I looked upwards and guess who it was? His face was wooden and He had blue eyes, but I knew it was Jesus.
I can’t remember exactly what He told me, but the sentence was like this more or less: “You see, you can’t get anywhere without me”
I burst out crying in my dream and when I woke up I didn’t have a good feeling.
Since that day up to Dec 3rd my life has been a living hell: I have received a heavy bullying, I didn’t eat nor sleep anymore, I was always anxious until I found the courage to rouse against this new chief of mine and as a consequence I was sacked with no a reason.
I was alone, without a job and it was nearly Christmas.
You see, I belong to a very humble family, so my concerns grew more and more, but inside of me I went on hearing a little, strange voice telling me that things would be settled very soon, and that I’d have received a lovely present for Christmas.
Guess what? On Dec 20th 2010 I signed a new contract where I’m working now, and I’m great here.
Jesus gave me a very lovely present, don’t you think?
I’ve already told you that I say my prayers before going to bed, but while falling asleep I wished to see Jesus’ real face and not only dream about Him when he wants to predict a negative period.
Some time ago I ordered some prayer books and some postcards with The Archangel Saint Michael too. And I have hung one at home commending myself to Him for the bad time Andrea, my boyfriend was having.
I went out on a Saturday morning and on a door I saw a drawing of a man’s face. I asked Andrea if he saw it too but he kidded me saying that I was still sleeping.
That evening we went out to a bar, and guess what??!!
I sat down and I realized that opposite me there was a wonderful picture of Jesus’ face and next to our table there was a picture of the Archangel Michael hanging on the wall
Isn’t that wonderful?
A hug,
Title Jesus and Padre Pio Dreams and Coincidences Signs of Help Witness
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