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Soul Mate Searching for my Soul Mate

Soul Mate Searching for my Soul Mate A Prayer to San Pio Hope Awe and Wonder
Soul Mate Searching for my Soul Mate : hi, dear Sara Luce, I want to bring my witness, that you can publish if you want of how my soul mate came into my life in almost a magical way; last Spring and Summer I was very downhearted, because I just couldn’t find a person fit for me with who construct a beautiful relationship; I was really desperate, I’m almost 29, and I used to see my coetaneouses already married and I was still wandering for years in a sea of loneliness without getting anywhere.
On August 1st 2010 my grandpa died and my grandma, after about sixty years spent together, was a little old grief-stricken lady.
So, besides my great grief for not having a man to love, and by whom being loved on my side, there was my grandma’s heartbreaking grief too.
It was Summer and while everyone went out, I stayed at home with no friends, no man and prey to the most complete despair.
So I started to speak to my grandpa Lino, asking him to help me find someone for me, I prayed to Padre Pio a bit too, I’ve got a picture of Him in my room and I prayed the Angels a lot too.
The thing was that I didn’t feel like going to parties or to the disco. I don’t like these things very much, but if I kept staying at home how was I to facilitate meeting my soul mate?
One day I decided to start a blog on the Internet and thanks to that Love inspired blog, I started to speak to a bloke, and in less than no time we became best friends.
Since then we became inseparable, but I wasn’t in love yet, although I felt that we understood one another immediately.
Then on September 23th (the date of Padre Pio’s Death) it happened.
I received a very nice photo of his that made me give in and break down all my barriers in an instant.
I seriously fell in love with his that day and since then we are still together.
Later, remembering that time, I opened my little diary on that date and I didn’t know what to say, thrilled and touched.
On that day we celebrate San Pio and San Lino.
I had a confirmation that they listened to my prayers!
So dear Sara, I thank my friends in Heaven who have sent me such a precious present without me having to go out!
A hug! Monica
Soul Mate Searching for my Soul Mate A Prayer to San Pio Hope Awe and Wonder
Soul Mate Searching for my Soul Mate>
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