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Animals Life after Life of our dear Animals

Animals Life after Life of our dear Animals Life that goes on
Animals Life after Life of our dear Animals : dear Sara, yes, life after life of our dear animals is reality, first of all thank you for your kiss, you can’t imagine how I’m down and out these days, we’re down and lost owing to Milla our puppy’s death not knowing what to do; yes, I’m trying to find answers in the rational, but reason doesn’t help me; I want to tell you about two “strange” episodes.
One afternoon I collapsed from sleep, Gianni went out while I was sleeping, when I woke up I found something.
I must explain you that many years ago my niece Claudia had given me a present, a knitting basket, you don’t see them around anymore, where I put my crochet work while doing crochet.
Useless to say that I put everything in there, and as a habit I keep it next to my bed seeing that I keep my medicine I use ICE in there too, I have always covered it with a little towel, as not to let Milla get in and poke in and unfortunately take the medicines.
When I woke up I found it without the towel on and all the things slightly scattered, it was one of Milla’s way to make me notice that she had come to me after I had left her with Gianni, being noisy and making a bit of “a mess.”
I had thought that Gianni had tripped into it before going out, that would have been impossible, seeing where it was, anyway I asked him when he came back and he said that he hadn’t even been near it.
The other episode, on Thursday night seeing I couldn’t get to sleep, I came here to the computer, trying to pass the time torn apart by despair.
Towards the morning I went to the toilet, and in the same place where I had found the feather, one of the two plants were completely knocked over, but in an ridiculous way, just as if someone had turned it towards the wall and then pushed it into the other plant, once again I asked Gianni if he had bumped into it before coming to bed and he said he didn’t.
I looked at the feather, it’s shrunk.
I can’t explain it, I don’t know what to think, except that they are Milla’s messages.
Animals Life after Life of our dear Animals Life that goes on
Animals Life after Life of our dear Animals
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