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Of Course Angels Do Exist : good evening Sara, years ago I bumped into your site and it impressed me, I have many testimonials I could send you because my Angel (I don’t know his name yet) has manifested himself in so many little ways, as well as big ways, something that many people probably would simply call them coincidences but for me they are not at all coincidences; having said that, I would like to share two particular events in my life, of which one was decidedly extraordinary and I would love for them to be published as testimonials; I heard that Angels can utilize real people to perform certain interventions in a specific moment, and so we could all be the means of their intermediation, without even knowing it, we could be utilized for the goodness of someone.


It happened to me last year, I believe was ‘utilized by an Angel. One summer evening I was about to go out with a girlfriend who lived in Trastevere, Rome, Italy, and as I was getting ready I was reflecting on the shoes that I was wearing: the sole was very near the point of peeling off, but they were so comfortable to walk in that I decided to wear them anyway, but to also bring with me a little bottle of superglue (which is not something I normally do). The downtown area was full of people, it was very noisy and at one point I saw through the crowd a girl who was getting agitated, she was leaning on the little brick wall on the bridge, she was talking to the guy who was with her, telling him that she really did not know how she could keep on walking like that …. I approached her with a never-before seen confidence in me that I could actually help a person …. I looked at her, smiled, and told her ironically: “broken shoe, is it?” and both the girl and the young man looked at me, both smiling and hopeful, she told me that her shoe had just broken. I promptly opened my purse and gave her the little glue bottle: “I think this will fix your problem”. She was incredibly happy, both people smiled incredulously at me, they took some of the glue, repaired the shoe, and as they returned it to me she actually asked me: “Who sent you? An Angel?”

This expression filled me with joy and with an audacious smile I actually replied “Tonight I was your Angel” and I happily walked on, happy to have helped someone.


The second episode was a very intense and spiritual experience, I remember it as if it happened yesterday.


I was going through a sad time in my life, about six years ago, I often had trouble sleeping. One night, in my bed I woke up all of a sudden with a silly fear, as of today I am still not sure what I was afraid of … my heart was beating really fast, I was even scared of moving my arm just to turn on the light …. I tried to wake up my (then) husband and nothing, he would not wake up, I started crying from the panic and I prayed. My mum is very religious and at time she tells me that her prayers are indeed heeded, so I started to pray for my Guardian Angel to make her pray for me … that way I could calm down and continue sleeping calmly.


After 5 minutes I felt the fear vanishing away suddenly, I looked at the time on the clock, it read 3:35, and I fell asleep. The following morning I went to visit my parents, my mother looked really worried and she asked me “Did something happen last night?” I looked at her astonished, I had goose bumps on my arms, her question was far too specific, I asked her why she wanted to know, and my mother replied: “I hope you won’t think I am crazy, but last night, at about 3:30, I made your dad get up to open the door because I was convinced I had heard someone knock on the door really loudly, and I heard you screaming from the stair case landing, I heard you crying, your dad got up, opened the door, and did not see anybody, and told me that it must have been a bad dream, so I started to pray for you”  As soon as I heard this revelation I started to cry and I explained to her what happened to me…. We both cried emotionally.


Our Angels exist indeed!


Of Course Angels Do Exist Testimonials was the testimonial of Mary R.


Of Course Angels Do Exist Testimonials


Of Course Angels Do Exist


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