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Medjugorie Experiences During The Pilgrimage

Medjugorie Experiences During The Pilgrimage To Medjugorie


Medjugorie Experiences During The Pilgrimage : dear Sara Luce, I would like to share with you what happened during my pilgrimage to Medjugorie and I would like to hear your opinion on this; it all happened during the testimonial from Viska, it was a dark morning, with clouds and an overcast sky, Viska began her testimonial and I got the feeling that my gaze crossed hers a few times, I thought that perhaps it was just my imagination also because I asked myself “why me when there are so many people?”


I will add that I was operated on the 28th of January at the European Oncological Institute and I had a complete hysterectomy. I am doing all right now, with the exception of the odd hot flashes and the insomnia due to surgical hysterectomy. However, my biggest torment has always been the presence of a person with whom I had had an extramarital relationship in the past, who does not let go of me and is undermining my mental peace (I had talked to you about this a while ago)


During my confessions I talked about this story and the sins that I committed during my life and from a spiritual viewpoint I had already confessed my sins to our God. That morning, actually, I did not even feel like going to hear Viska because I had already witnessed it during my trip the year before, so I did not feel the need to go again.


Then suddenly I felt an impulse to go, and so I did. During Viska’s testimonial there were particular phenomena that took place … many people fell into a peace of Spirit and one person even began to scream and to cuss, and he only calmed down when Viska interrupted her testimonial and went to him or her (there were a lot of people, I did not see very clearly, but I could hear)


Suddenly, at the end of the testimonial, Viska started to pray, the way only Viska knows how to … almost in an ecstasy … and I burst into tears …. it was a cry that originated deep in my stomach …. a friend of mine embraced me and another prayed to Mary so that I may receive some peace …


While I was crying I opened my eyes and I saw myself in front of a person …. a sweet face … long black curly hair and an angelic smile …. she took my hands, she opened them and placed in my hands a multicolored rosary, closed my hands back up again and held them close tightly in his hands …. at the beginning I did not understand if this person was a man, or a girl, or even, I had the impression, that it looked more like a little boy or a little girl. she looked intensely at me while I was crying, without saying a word, I could feel that her heart was smiling at me and it was a consolatory smile, as if she could read inside my soul, as if she knew about everything I was holding inside, my torments, my anxieties, my fears …. it was as if she was saying “I know you are crying, but you can calm down, it’s all done now”.


All this took about 5 minutes, and in the end I “let off steam”, I expelled all the air I had inside my lungs and then I stopped crying. At that point, this figure opened my hands and told me “Now you can give it back to me (referring to the rosary) and she disappeared after I caressed her face.


None of the people around me could tell me where this person had come from …. one girl told me she saw her arrive from where Viska was standing, coming straight for me …. she had come for me, she was not there by accident.


It was an extremely intense and emotional experience …. to date I still ask myself who she was and I think of her, even if I no longer remember the features of her beautiful face ….


Since I returned home I feel an ever strengthening desire to pray and to live daily the messages of the Madonna …. even the fasting …. and I have to admit that I feel more serene ….


This is Medjugorie …. I can not give myself an explanation for what has happened, and on top of that, why? Why me?


All I know is that nowhere else can I find the peace and serenity that I find in Medjugorie. I confide in our Celestial Mother, in Her Mercy and in that of Jesus. I know that She will never leave me!


An embrace, a warm goodbye,


Medjugorie Experiences During The Pilgrimage To Medjugorie was the testimonial of Lisa


Medjugorie Experiences During The Pilgrimage To Medjugorie


Medjugorie Experiences During The Pilgrimage


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