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Guardian Angel Intervention

Guardian Angel Intervention From My Guardian Angel Confirmation


Guardian Angel Intervention : hello my dearest Sara, I was unsure if I wanted to write to you or not, but I did want to thank you for having published the wonderful testimonial from Antonio, and obviously I would like to thank him for having shared it with all of us, so I then decided that I too wanted to tell you what happened to me yesterday, while I was returning home from work; it was about 14 and 15, I was driving slowly, I was still in out outskirts of the city and in that section of road there is some roadwork, there was also a little bit of traffic from the lunch hour crowd.


I have been feeling tired for quite a while now, I sleep too little and not very well, I work at my PC, and so often my mind is tired and overworked, yesterday I even had a little headache, which makes it even more difficult for me to fall asleep.


While I was driving (the radio was on) I must have inadvertently closed my eyes for a split second, all I remember is reopening my eyes just a moment before realizing I was about to drive off the road, I was heading straight for some bushes separating the railway from the road. I swerved immediately but I could not avoid the impact, I felt the hit, but thank God nothing serious came of it, only some scratches to the car. Behind me there were other cars, I can’t imagine what could have happened, I got really scared and I immediately thought of my dear Angel, it was certainly Him who made me open my eyes just in the nick of time, to date I still do not understand the “how and why” of it all, I could have easily impacted other cars around me … and … I don’t know … .I can’t even imagine that. Thankfully I was driving slowly and thankfully my dear Angel is always with me! I have to thank Him,  and also thank God for having placed Him next to me!


I would also like to tell you one more thing, another confirmation, which I received about a month ago.


I was seated in a car as a passenger, I was looking at the sky, there were many black and white clouds that were moving very fast across the sky (rain was on its way). I was thinking of my Angel, I was asking Him if He could give me a small sign, perhaps amongst all those clouds, and so I was looking everywhere, then I turned around and … strange …. all of a sudden, right in front of me there was a void between all the clouds, and it was in the shape of a heart, its shape was just perfectly symmetrical, I wanted to take a picture of it but I did not have enough time to do it, the clouds moved very fast, like I said. It was so wonderful, I was so happy, a heart just for me! It still seems strange …. how much our dear Angels must love us!


Thank you Sara, I don’t know if this will ever get published, but I just felt the urge to share these stories with you, I always do read everything you post, with pleasure and with much interest …. I am always thirsty for news.


A hug,


Guardian Angel Intervention From My Guardian Angel Confirmation was the testimonial of Annabelle


Guardian Angel Intervention From My Guardian Angel Confirmation


Guardian Angel Intervention


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