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Voices from the other side

Voices from the other side in a dream the truth in the messages


Voices from the other side


Dear Sara, I want to tell you another episode of what happened with the son of a very close family friend!


One day in August of 1998, as I was reading the newspaper, I read about a young man who had died of an accident, he was driving a motorbike. I did not know him, but of course it always hurts when a young life is cut short! I was disturbed when I read the name of the deceased, I suspected it was the son of my friend Emilio, but I refused to believe it! Unfortunately it was correct!


One night I dreamt about Nicola, that was his name, he told me “Hello, I am Nicola, and I am a doctor!” then he told me something else that I always kept secret, since it pertained me!


I thought it strange that he said he was a doctor, since the newspaper had mentioned that he had just joined a university to study law!


In November, in the cemetery, I “coincidentally” met with the father, the mother was distraught, she cried like a fountain, and in that moment, while I was thinking whether to say it or not, the following words seemed to come out of my mouth: “Emilio, I dreamed of your son!”


In that moment, the mother looked at me, and with a very sweet expression, she asked me: “Really? How was my Nicola?”


I reassured her that Nicola was serene!


Emilio asked me if I knew my son, and I said that no, I had never met him!


Naturally he asked me what my son said in the dream, and I repeated, that he had told me he was a doctor!


Imagine my surprise, and that of the father, when the mother replied: “Yes, Nicola was actually studying medicine, not law, like the newspaper wrote!”.


And so, to be sure, she asked me if I had read the correction that they had published!


Sara, I had not read any correction, He told me to say that he was a doctor!


This dream is still alive in my mind, because, strangely, it belongs to the very few dreams that I actually remember, usually I never remember anything from my dreams!


I hope that the second part of what Nicola told me will come true, God willing!


Voices from the other side in a dream the truth in the messages is a testimonial from Anna




Voices from the other side in a dream the truth in the messages


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