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Angelic chorus Angelic voices calling God

Angelic chorus Angelic voices calling God our Father


My name is Rita, I am a grandmother, a happy grandmother.


My story with the Angels happened many years ago, I was going through a very difficult period of my life, and I had to tend to my two children. In that period I often lacked the energy, both from the tiredness and from the chores and all the problems that life was throwing at me, and yet I had to keep going.


One night I woke up with a big sensation of fear and a deep anxiety, I went to the living room, I went on my knees and I started to pray, like I had never prayed in my life.


I repeated with much force and intensity the name of the “FATHER … FATHER …. FATHER”


And so, after a while, I can’t tell you how long, I heard a chorus of Voices, it was many voices, melodic, harmonious, sublime, I had never heard anything like that before.


Then I felt like I had woken up, I did not know what had happened to me, in the following days I kept thinking back to moment, I even spoke about it with my husband, albeit with some hesitation.


I will never forget that experience, even though, to date, I am still not sure what it is that happened to me.


I will leave my testimonial with you, because I am sure you will be able to better understand it than me.


A goodbye full of love


Angelic chorus Angelic voices calling God our Father is a testimonial from Rita




Angelic chorus Angelic voices calling God our Father


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