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Angels in the Sky a sweet sign

Angels in the Sky a sweet sign of Love for me


Angels in the Sky a sweet sign : hello Sara, there are so many testimonials I would love to share with you and with friends, but one stands out in particular, perhaps it is of little meaning for maybe, but it was the sweetest sign of Love for me.


When I was little, about three years old, I was going to kindergarten.


During the month of May it was a habit for my mother to make a little altar with the image of the Virgin Mary. There was always a little light turned on, and a little vase of scented roses.


I used to love sitting there in silence, praying to my Angel, breathing in the sweet scent of freshly cut roses. But, not only for those reasons. Through the big glass window pane I could see the sky very well, and the various colors playing in the Sky. I could see little circles, very far away, and as they came closer and closer to me, they would cover me and surround me with a thousand colors and emotions.


I told my mother, pointing to her the location in the Sky where they were arriving from, and she would smile, as if it was a little game from a young girl and her usual imaginary friends.


I could understand her incredulity, and I would look through the drawer where we stored all postcards, I would search for pictures of fields and blue skies, hoping to find some lights to be able to show them to my mother, but I had no luck.


This kept going on for a very long time, until one day, I was in the house of a friend of mine, while we were playing with dolls, I sat on one side to rock my “Lucia”, a little doll with black hair, and from my eyes, big, long tears started to form, then the mother of my girlfriend asked me for the reason for so much sadness.


I told her about the little circles that were always there, and were arriving from the Sky all the way next to me, and that just a moment earlier, one of them became really big, and took on the shape of a young woman who, smiling, told me “Lori, you will never be a mother like all others” … and so it came to be.


She said other things, but I no longer remember them … and, I did not even remember well this episode, until I had my first child, and the mother of my friend reminded me of it.


Many years have passed since, I never had the pleasure of actually seeing my creatures being born, but I am aware that my little angels are in the Sky, and also close to me. I wanted to give them a name, and often I call them. I feel their presence and often I get emotional.


And those circles, that had been absent for such a long time, every now and then they reappear in various corners of my house …. it may be basic, insignificant, for many this is a way to alleviate the pain, but for me it’s not like that, it’s the confirmation that our lives do not end on this earth, but they continue ad infinitum.


Goodbye Sara .. thank you for listening to me, and thank you also for all the wonderful testimonials of Love that you share with us.


Angels in the Sky a sweet sign of Love for me is a testimonial from Loriana




Angels in the Sky a sweet sign of Love for me


Angels in the Sky a sweet sign


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