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The fulfillment of my dream

The fulfillment of my dream with my Angel


The fulfillment of my dream : hello Sara, I am the one who asked for your help in realizing my Canadian dream; well, given what happened to me recently, I feel compelled to inform you of the extremely positive development of my project.


About a month after I last wrote to You, I read with much attention what is needed to get in contact with my own Guardian Angel, and one night, while everyone was asleep in my house, I knelt in front of the cross next to the pictures of my late mother and grandmother, and with my entire heart I followed the suggestions from your website, I prayed intensely and I then asked my Angel for one thing, with these words: “I am so afraid not to be able to achieve my objective, my Angel, that I don’t even know if I can ask about my future, but I do ask you in what decade I will fulfill my objective, I don’t want to know the exact moment, my Angel, I just ask in what decade I will fulfill my objective, I beg you, please answer, help me, I am losing my mind and I am getting angry due to my fear!!”


During my question, while I was repeating it mentally for the third time, I swear to you, I heard a voice inside me, it was not my own voice, not even that of my parents or people outside the home, since it was the middle of the night, and nobody was awake in that moment, and the voice was telling me: “The next one”.


About two months after that night, the progress started happening, and it pushed me to write to you again. I ended up meeting an Italo-Canadian community based in Toronto, and they started helping me through the various steps to achieve my objective, including how to mingle with the locals, and, just as it happened two weeks ago, finding an employer to sponsor my visa (this is the basic step, fundamental for my dream). This employer is willing to wait however long it is necessary, so that he, or his son, in case he may pass away, will be able to guarantee me (starting from now) my job. They are Greek (second generation Canadians) and they are florists (they grow the same flowers that I grow back at home, calla lily and jasmine). Is this a coincidence? Or Luck? Statistics? I don’t believe it at all. It was you, with your prayers, in cooperation with my Guardian Angel, and for this I am profoundly grateful, since ever that night I found a calm and an interior confidence to allow me to live my everyday life to the fullest.


A confidence I simply did not have before, I was always nervous, edgy, I hated everyone and everything. For this, I feel I must thank you and offer you my prayers in help of others, hoping that they too will receive the same results that I am receiving.


May God bless you


The fulfillment of my dream with my Angel is a testimonial from Luca




The fulfillment of my dream with my Angel


The fulfillment of my dream


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